NFL Power Rankings for Week 12

Doug Upstone

Friday, November 21, 2014 5:06 PM UTC

Friday, Nov. 21, 2014 5:06 PM UTC

Let’s fire up our latest version of the NFL Power Rankings, all designed to help you against the sportsbooks. With our score-differential based formula, we continue to have success against the betting odds. 

We encourage you to use this table of power rankings on your own against the NFL odds and you can use the standard three points for the home team.

With a number of top teams losing last week, the NFL power rankings have had a significant change at the top. New England has become the new No. 1 team with their thumping of Indianapolis and has won six straight with five covers. This dropped the Colts to No. 5 overall. Denver with their upset loss at St. Louis fell from first to third, while Green Bay after destroying two opponents’ moves up to the second slot. Coming in at No. 4 is the team with the best record in football and a favorite among NFL football handicappers, the Arizona Cardinals.

Power Ratings Start Current   Power Ratings Start Current
NFC East       AFC East    
Dallas 93 96   Buffalo 91 93
NY Giants 94 90   Miami 93 99
Philadelphia 97 99   New England 97 104
Washington 92 89   NY Jets 92 90
NFC North       AFC North    
Chicago 95 89   Baltimore 97 99
Detroit 94 97   Cincinnati 96 98
Green Bay 97 102   Cleveland 91 93
Minnesota 91 88   Pittsburgh 95 92
NFC South       AFC South    
Atlanta 94 91   Houston 92 95
Carolina 94 85   Indianapolis 95 101
New Orleans 99 95   Jacksonville 90 84
Tampa Bay 91 88   Tennessee 92 86
NFC West       AFC West    
Arizona 95 101   Denver 99 102
San Francisco 98 96   Kansas City 95 100
Seattle 100 100   Oakland 92 86
St. Louis 93 92   San Diego 96 96


Thursday – Kansas City - 12 over Oakland
We already know Oakland will be a popular play with NFL picks in this division matchup because eventually they have to win, but from a pure power ranking standpoint, our number is accurate.                           


Atlanta -1 over Cleveland
Though Atlanta has won a couple games, Cleveland is still the better overall team, and we have the Falcons overvalued for NFL picks compared to the actual line of -3.


Philadelphia - 16 over Tennessee
The performance of both teams last week likely depresses this line somewhat and even we agree this does seem a little high. Nonetheless, if Mark Sanchez maintains his poise in the pocket and if Le’Von Bell can run for 200+ yards, what can LeSean McCoy and the Eagles produce?


New England – 11 over Detroit
You will receive no arguments from us this spread differential seems high, but remember, these are score-based power rankings and the Patriots have been pounding teams while the Lions just find ways to win. If New England is at 100 percent efficiency and Detroit is at 80 percent, this number will becorrect.


Green Bay -12 over Minnesota
In talking to Peter Loshak from Sportsbook Review, like he said, “Do you really want to bet against the Packers at any number right now?” Good point Peter!


Indianapolis -20 over Jacksonville
The three teams the Colts have faced that are already out of playoff contention, Indianapolis has beaten them by an average of 22.3 points a game, and Jacksonville fits this profile.


Houston Pick vs. Cincinnati
The Texans opened at -1 and have been back and forth between that number and -2. For all intents and purposes this is a 50-50 coin flip.


Buffalo -2 over N.Y. Jets
With this contest shifted to a neutral field because of the snow in Buffalo, we have adjusted our rating to what you now see. Probably best to pass on this contest.


Chicago -5 over Tampa Bay
Our number is slightly lower than the odds makers for the – Lovie Bowl – and it will come down to how many bad choices and interceptions Jay Cutler makes.


Seattle -3 over Arizona
We concur the Seahawks probably deserve to be touchdown home favorites coming off a loss and in desperate need of a victory, but the fact remains Arizona has been the better team at 9-1 and is 8-2 ATS this season.


Denver -5 over Miami
Denver is 5-1 ATS after a loss with Peyton Manning in Denver; just don’t sell Miami’s No. 2 total defense and No. 4 scoring defense short and their impressive 31-14 ATS record as non-division away underdogs.


San Francisco -10.5 over Washington
Honestly, we have a few questions about both teams on the field and in the locker room. At least San Francisco is winning which is reason to support a higher number.


SNF – Dallas – 3 over N.Y. Giants
We and the sportsbooks thoroughly agree this is the right number, though we find the books are “juicing” the Cowboys at -3, hesitating to come off the number, either making Dallas backers pay more or fearing the Giants at +3.5 will bring a lot New York wagers.


MNF – New Orleans – 1 over Baltimore
By now it is clear the Baltimore has the better team and our numbers prove it. One element power rankings cannot measure is situations and do most bettors really believe New Orleans will lose three consecutive home games?


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