Game-by-Game Over/Under NFL Picks for Preseason Week 1

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 4:53 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015 4:53 PM UTC

With NFL Preseason on the horizon, we look at the entire slate and serve up our NFL picks for each and every game against the totals. Find out where we’re putting our money.

NFL 2015-2016 Betting Season Fast Approaching
The NFL is back. So too are we with our weekly game-by-game analysis and NFL picks. Last season, we enjoyed a standout run with our Total picks for the regular season, finishing well above .500. Naturally, we’re thrilled to be back for another season of handicapping NFL games and we’re using the NFL preseason to hone our NFL picks before the regular season gets underway. So let’s get cracking.


Saints vs. Ravens 0/U 38.0
Drew Brees and the Saints O-line can play at a fast clip and light up a scoreboard on a good day. Given that this is a preseason game Drew Brees and the regulars are unlikely to play long enough to put up astronomical numbers. On the flipside, the Joe Flacco and his solid go-to weapons are sure to see limited play. But the Ravens defense might get a lot of play time. All this put together tips the scale towards the UNDER 38 on our NFL picks.  

NFL  Picks: UNDER 38


Packers vs. Patriots 0/U 37.5
If this were a regular season game, the total would surely be higher on the NFL odds board and the consensus NFL pick would be the OVER. As it is a preseason game, it’s anybody’s guess which way the score will go between these two attractive, offensive-minded teams. We’re still of a mind to go with the OVER 37.5, despite consensus betting sliding conspicuously towards the UNDER.

NFL Picks: OVER 37.5


Jets vs. Lions 0/U 36.0
Geno Smith looks to be out for 6-10 weeks with a busted jaw thanks to an ill-fated locker room bust up. Fortunately, the Jets have a reliable veteran in Ryan Fitzpatrick to shoulder the burden. Given the injury to Geno Smith, it’s unlikely the Jets will risk too much in the preseason, particularly on the road against a tough Detroit Lions.

NFL Picks: UNDER 36.0


Dolphins vs. Bears 0/U 37.0
Overwhelmingly, consensus betting across sports betting platforms is leaning almost exclusively towards the UNDER 37 on the NFL odds board. That’s most likely down to the Dolphins’ beefed up defense. Still, it’s hard to imagine the Dolphins will field Ndamukong Suh for more than a few turns around the field. This game is a bit of a tossup in our books, mainly because there are many questions surrounding the Bears on both sides of the ball. On offense, things don’t look too sharp with Jay Cutler. On defense, it’s still pretty dicey. That’s why we’re going against the grain and taking the OVER 37.

NFL Picks: OVER 37.0


Redskins vs. Browns 0/U37.5
This is a game that is a tossup across the board, from betting against the spread to the outright win and total odds. The quarterback situation is dicey on both sides of the coin and defensively both teams leave a lot to be desired.

NFL Picks: UNDER 37.5


Cowboys vs. Chargers 0/U 38.0
Dallas Cowboys are sure to get off the ground running against the San Diego Chargers. They need to test all the options at their disposal to replace DeMarco Murray. Chargers defense is shaky against good teams and it would be foolhardy to leave Philipp Rivers on the field for more than a few turns. Consensus betting is leaning towards the UNDER 38 and we kind of agree with that take on the score.

NFL Picks: UNDER 38.0


Titans vs. Falcons 0/U 37.0
The Titans were awful last season. This season, they’ll be led by rookie Marcus Mariota, who is sure to see a good portion of the action in week 1 of NFL preseason betting. Let’s face it, he needs the NFL experience. His inexperience together with a shaky defense doesn’t augur well. Falcons are at home and they have lots of offensive weapons to field that could run riot over the Titans.

NFL Picks: OVER 37.0


Panthers vs. Bills 0/U 35.5
By all accounts, this is going to be a battle of the trenches between a defensively sound Bills and a Panthers side that is no slouch on both sides of the ball. The UNDER 35.5 practically leaps off the page as the choice NFL pick.

NFL Picks: UNDER 35.5


Steelers vs. Jaguars 0/U36.5
Steelers are after a loss in the Hall of Fame game where they managed to score only a field goal against Minnesota Vikings. They’ll want to put up a few more points in this game when they take on the Jaguars. From top to bottom, the Steelers have more depth than the Jaguars, which has us leaning ever so slightly towards the OVER 36.5 on our NFL picks.

NFL Picks: OVER 36.5


Giants vs. Bengals 0/U 37.0
NY Giants and Cincinnati Bengals collide in week 1 preseason NFL betting, for what could be a very interesting clash. We’re sure to see Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. get a few turns on the field before ceding to the backups. Same goes for Andy Dalton and Company. This could go either way, but we’re leaning towards the UNDER 37.0 as neither side will want to risk too much where their regulars are concerned.

NFL Picks: UNDER 37.0


Rams vs. Raiders 0/U 36.0
A lot has changed in both these camps ahead of the 2015-2016 NFL betting season, so it’ll be interesting to watch those unfold on the field at the Coliseum in Oakland. Nick Foles makes his debut with the Rams and he’ll be keen to show his merit Rams defense looms large too.

NFL Picks: OVER 36.0


Broncos vs. Seahawks 0/U 37.0
Consensus betting reveals a decided lean towards the OVER 37 across several betting platforms and we’re inclined to agree. These are two rosters with lots of depth and skill from the regulars to the backups.

NFL Picks: OVER 37.0


Niners vs. Texans 0/U35.5
NFL odds makers roll out a rather conservative 35.5 line in total betting for this game, partly down to the defensive-minded faculties of both teams. Or so has been the case. That said, San Francisco’s defense was depleted somewhat in the off-season while Texans’ quarterback situation is a touch dicey, not to mention they are without Arian Foster for the time being. That’s a recipe for a game going either way. As it is, we’re leaning towards the OVER 35.5 ever so slightly.

NFL Picks: OVER 35.5


Buccaneers vs. Vikings 0/U 36.0
Teddy Bridgewater looked sharp in the Hall of Fame game during his limited playing time, which augurs well for their upcoming game with the Buccaneers, who are sure to debut Jameis Winston. Vikings have home edge and they are the better team top to bottom.

NFL Picks: OVER 36.0


Chiefs vs. Cardinals 0/U 36.0
By all accounts, this has the makings of a defensive battle between two stalwart defences in the league. The regulars aren’t going to feature for much of the game, so the likely NFL pick here is to go with the UNDER 36.0.

NFL Picks: UNDER 36.0


Colts vs. Eagles 0/U 42.0
Predictably, this is the highest total trading on the NFL odds board for week 1 preseason action. Both sides have many weapons on first-team offense, which partly explains this high total. However, the preseason is more about the backups than it is about the regulars. That’s where the Eagles have a bit of the edge with lots of offensive power down the line. Put that against the Colts’ modest defense and you could have a high-scoring affair after all.

NFL Picks: OVER 42.0

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