Wojcik Staying Means Charleston's NCAA Basketball is Bad Bet

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Thursday, July 24, 2014 3:35 PM UTC

Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014 3:35 PM UTC

The Charleston Cougars' Basketball team aren't certain who will be their head coach this upcoming season. This affects their betting odds so we recommend reading this handicapper's advice first.

Recent developments within the past week suggest that the Charleston Cougar's current basketball coach will remain on the job and lead the program for the 2014-2015 season. What this means for the Cougars is unclear on many levels.


What’s The Story?
Here’s the background you need to know: College of Charleston head coach Doug Wojcik, formerly the head coach at Tulsa, had been suspended for the month of August following an inquiry into a situation in which he was alleged to have engaged in verbal abuse toward players. A 50-page report determined that Wojcik appeared to have used hurtful and nasty language in his everyday work with the team. Wojcik didn’t deny everything that was in the report, but the use of a homophobic slur is something he did pointedly deny. Wojcik did offer a statement in which he apologized for his general conduct. His job security was in question for a number of weeks.

The latest, though, is that Wojcik headed out on the recruiting trail this past Thursday (July 17) with the university’s approval. This marked a reversal on the university’s part, and the story has not been refuted in the subsequent days. Momentum has certainly developed to the point that Wojcik seems a lot safer in his position as Charleston’s coach. That’s the basic development. Now come the bigger questions.


What Does This Mean For The College Of Charleston Program?
What this means for Charleston is uncertain. Some (including sportsbooks) might say that a program with a third-year coach needs that coach to stay on and put his mark on the program, in order to develop a sense of continuity and comfort. Wojcik is also adjusting to the fact that Charleston is now in the Colonial Athletic Association after many years in the Southern Conference. Charleston moved to the Colonial for the 2013-2014 season, and so it would help on one level for the current coach to have a second season in a new league. Supporters of Wojcik will also point out that in his first season, 2012-2013, the Cougars went 24-11 and reached the championship game of the Southern Conference Tournament. Wojcik staying on could mean good things for Charleston.

On the other hand, what kind of a program should expect good things to happen when a coach has been abusing players? Will Wojcik earn the confidence and trust of every player? What happens when things go badly, or when the team loses a few very tough games in the middle of the season? Will players quit? Will they continue to work hard and trust what their coach is saying to them? This is such a precarious situation for Charleston and any other program that has to deal with this kind of stuff. It’s not encouraging by any stretch.


How To Bet The News
It’s hard to answer: is this a stabilizing move for Charleston, assuming Wojcik stays on as head coach, or is it destabilizing? It might actually harm the program more that Wojcik is still around. Abusive coaches should be terminated. Be inclined to make your NCAA Basketball pick against Charleston in light of this development, instead of making the forecast more optimistic.

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