UNC Tar Heels Pick Up the First Win of the 2017-18 Season as They Manage to Evade NCAA Sanctions

Zack Jones

Sunday, October 15, 2017 1:54 AM UTC

Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 1:54 AM UTC

After a summer that saw Rick Pitino canned and the FBI open investigations into the interworkings of the country's top NCAA Basketball programs, the Tar Heels clinched the first victory of the 2017-18 season. 

The North Carolina Tar Heels start the year 1-0 officially picking up the first win of the 2017-18 NCAA Basketball Season.
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North Carolina's Roy Williams...
getting news the NCAA will say they couldn't find academic violations after receiving #UNC's wired payment pic.twitter.com/p8ic1iXR3g

— Todd W. Haines (@Todd_W_Haines) October 13, 2017
This victory came just hours before the start of the annual ‘Late Night With Roy’, an event that symbolically kicks off the start of the Tar Heels' basketball season. The event was also scheduled to allow the reigning NCAA Champions a stage to hang their new banner in the rafters of the Smith Center.

Williams, who famously stated "I could give a shit about North Carolina right now” into a live mic moments after falling to Syracuse in the NCAA Finals as the head coach of Kansas, has coached the Tar Heels for thirteen years now, and he has seen the UNC athletic department dodge a handful of NCAA investigations up to this point.

Roy Williams, who has now won three National Titles with the Heels, should consider this to be the biggest victory of his career, as it is one that would have likely have vacated all victories his teams have amassed in his time at Chapel Hill.

Despite a request from the University’s Chancellor Carol Folt, who stated that ‘This is not a time of celebration’, the ‘Late Night With Roy’ turned out to be just that. Complete with player skits, live music, dancers and a scrimmage, the Tar Heel blue faithful showed up in droves and celebrated as the team hung the 2017 National Championship banner.

Ironic, given that a decision made just a few hours earlier could have not only killed the celebration but also have seen a few more banners cut down from the rafters of the Smith Center. 

In a month that has seen FBI investigations and scandals rock some of the country’s top basketball programs, the Tar Heels, while guilty of the charges, managed to skirt around the regulations given that the fake courses taken by student-athletes were also open to the general student body…

Yes, let that sink in. 

As unfair as it might sound, it seems that a few frat boys also managed to enroll in the course and ultimately save their school from further embarrassment. Given that the fraud was not limited to student-athletes, the NCAA determined that was enough to clear the school from all charges.

So with that, the investigation spanning a seven-year period is now over, and while North Carolina’s Athletic Department will remain the butt of jokes and embarrassment for years to come, the 2017 Championship banner now hangs right next to it’s 2009 and 2005 brothers, and in the world of sports, sometimes that is all that matters.

The Tar Heels currently sit fifth on the NCAA Basketball Futures odds boards at 12/1 to win this year's title. And simply to clear the air... I will admit that I am a Duke fan who was raised in a house full of Wolf Packers. I wish the NCAA would have thrown the book at em'. We will see you on the court!

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The following NCAA Championship Odds are from BetOnline:

Duke 500
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Arizona 800
Kentucky 1000
North Carolina 1200
Kansas 1400
Wichita State 1600
Missouri 1600
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Villanova 2000
Florida 2500
West Virginia 2500
Gonzaga 2500
USC 2800
Oregon 3300
Saint Mary's 4000
Michigan 4000
UCLA 4000
Alabama 4000
Virginia 5000
Miami Florida 5000
Indiana 5000
Purdue 5000
Notre Dame 6600
Butler 6600
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Baylor 6600
Arkansas 6600
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Minnesota 8000
Florida State 8000
Oklahoma 8000
Seton Hall 8000
SMU 10000
South Carolina 10000
Memphis 25000
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