The Temptation Of College Basketball 2nd Half Bets

Ross Benjamin

Thursday, February 2, 2017 5:23 AM UTC

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 5:23 AM UTC

Have you ever found yourself losing by a hopelessly large margin at halftime on one of your college basketball bets? Did you let your emotions drive you to make a 2nd half wager with a hope of breaking at least even?

Chasing Bad Bets with 2nd Half Wagers

Let me be perfectly clear, I’m not a huge proponent of making 2nd half wagers. Most times than not, you’re chasing a bad wager with an even worse one. The most obvious situation in which it occurs is betting on a team that’s down by a sizable ATS margin at halftime. Hopelessness sets in at that point, and the allure of chasing a seemingly sure losing wager with a 2nd half bet allows one to have new life.

Granted, there are occasions in which 2nd half bets pan out, and they succeed to get back the money that was originally wagered. Heck, there’s even instances in which you hit the jackpot, winning your 2nd half wager, and additionally the original game bet as well. Nevertheless, the latter scenario happens at a very low percentage.

The best advice I can give is to stay on an even keel, and don’t let your emotions get in the way of rational thinking. It’s surely a lot easier said than done. Nonetheless, if you don’t master the ability to do so, it’s a shortest route in dissolving your sports betting bankroll.


College Basketball Examples

Let’s look at the college basketball odds for games played on Tuesday 1/31, and pick out a precise example regarding what we’ve already discussed. I’ll use the Texas A&M and Vanderbilt game as a model.

Texas A&M was a 4.5-point home favorite (at 5Dimes) against Vanderbilt. If one of your college basketball picks was on the Aggies, then you weren’t a very happy camper at halftime. The underdog Commodores held a substantial 36-23 lead at the break. Basically, A&M would need to outscore Vanderbilt by 18 points in the final 20 minutes to attain a cover. It certainly was possible, but not very probable. Hence, the Aggies were -5.5 in the 2nd half. If a Texas A&M backer took the bait, they proceeded to double their loss while attempting to at least break even. Vanderbilt outscored Texas A&M 32-31 during 2nd half action.

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