The 2016 Undefeated Homers & Winless Road Teams To Improve Our NCAA Basketball Picks

Joe Gavazzi

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 7:33 PM UTC

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016 7:33 PM UTC

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The 2016 CBKB Undefeated Homers & Winless Road Teams
By Joe Gavazzi, Winning Sports Advice
Monday, February 01, 2016

With most CBKB teams having played 70% or more of their schedule, it is time for us to take a look at a pair of critical lists which can provide us plenty of opportunities when used in the proper way and combined with the NCAA basketball odds boards. The lists below are the group of UNDEFEATED HOMERS & WINLESS ROAD TEAMS. The obvious home/road dichotomies that these teams present speak for themselves.

I leave it to the creativity of the reader to determine how best to use these lists. Some of the ways in which they have proven most profitable for me over the last 35 seasons of CBKB handicapping are to use them in the following ways:

1. In conjunction with revenge opportunities: what better place to get revenge against an opponent than on your undefeated home court?

2. By identifying pure home/road dichotomies. Ideally they might be on opposing sides of the list, but there are plenty of opportunities to use undefeated home teams against opponents whose performance is significantly inferior to that at home

3. Working hand in glove with long term coaching personality profiles. That is, a coach who over the years has shown a distinct propensity of performing better or worse home/away.

As always, my advice is to use this information when blending it with your fundamental, situational, and technical handicapping, including the team’s home/road dichotomies and coaching personality profiles of the head coaches involved. From time to time, I will highlight these records in my game selections. Until the next time I update these records, I hope you use them for as much profit as I have made with them over the years. 

Undefeated Homers

Winless Road 

Akron 9-0

Boston C 0-5

Arkansas LR 9-0

Detroit 0-8

Belmont 8-0

Drake 0-8

BYU 10-0

Illinois Chi 0-10

California 13-0

Miami OH 0-8

Tenn Chatt 8-0

Minnesota 0-5

E Washington 8-0

Missouri 0-6

Indiana 13-0

N Arizona 0-12

Iowa 11-0

Rutgers 0-8

Kansas 11-0

St Johns 0-5

Kentucky 11-0

UTEP 0-6

La Lafayette 8-0

Washington St 0-5

La Monroe 9-0

W Carolina 0-12

Maryland 12-0

W Michigan 0-6

Mercer 9-0


Monmouth 5-0


N Carolina 12-0


N Illinois 14-0


Oklahoma 9-0


Oregon 13-0


Pepperdine 9-0


Princeton 6-0


St Marys 15-0


Siena 9-0


S Carolina 12-0


S Dakota St 8-0


SMU 12-0


Tenn Tech 10-0


Texas A&M 13-0


UAB 12-0


USC 13-0


Valpo 11-0


Villanova 11-0


Virginia 10-0


Wichita St 8-0


Yale 8-0


There you have it, the 36 undefeated home teams of CBKB through the end of January 2016. This list is more than we usually have (around 25) this time of the year. There are some usual teams who we normally expect to see on this list, but there are also some surprises. Did you notice any hidden gems? They are often where your greatest advantage lies with the line maker. At the conclusion of the season, this list is normally culled. So make sure you update it in the interim until I present my next update. When a team falls off the list, make sure to pay special attention to them for the situation surrounding their NEXT HOME GAME.

At the current writing, there are 14 winless teams. Normally there will be less than half this many by the time the season concludes. So again, make sure you cull the list accordingly. 

Finally, pay special attention to these two teams who are having outstanding seasons, and whose coaches are among the most outstanding Conference road coaches in the game today. These are the only two undefeated road teams in CBKB for the YTD. They are St Joes at 7-0 SU away, and Providence at 6-0 SU away.

Until I next update these lists, may they provide you with extraordinary profit opportunities for your NCAA basketball picks.

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