Struggles You Might Encounter Betting on College Basketball in the 20-21 Season

Struggles You Might Encounter Betting on College Basketball in the 20-21 Season
Tom Izzo of the Michigan State Spartans talks to Rocket Watts #2. Gregory Shamus/Getty Images/AFP

There is so much uncertainty in College Basketball. Many college basketball cappers, like myself, don’t want to admit it, but it’s going to be a little bit harder capping college basketball this season.

There are conferences like the America East that will only play on Saturday and Sunday (check for live odds here), leaving no action from Monday through Friday in conference play.

Basically, the America East will hold two games back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday against the same team at the same location.

From a betting perspective, that’s going to be hard. You can bet on the first game on that Saturday. Then what?

Coaches make adjustments for the second game. Pace of play can change, injuries can happen in the first game and nobody will know about it until the second game begins.

You can’t prepare for these games as you normally would.

What about the lines? How much will the lines change from the first game to the second game if there’s an unexpected blowout in the first game? (Check out the currently listed 2020-2021 Futures odds)

Major conferences will have “normal” schedules due to valuable testing and protocols that not all universities and conferences won’t have. But mid-major conferences will have to potentially settle for whatever they can.

If that’s playing under unfair circumstances, but safe, they’ll sacrifice.

All division I schedules have been reduced from a maximum of 31 games to 27 games. Many non-conference games won’t go as planned as Florida tournaments hosted by ESPN have all been ripped up.

Several games that would help the NCAA committee when selecting NCAA tournament teams have been cancelled. Teams are starting to opt out of other tournaments due to fear of the virus spreading. It’s unclear if all games will be rescheduled elsewhere or if these games will just be forgotten about.

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There’s plenty of skepticism when it comes to college basketball and the season. College football has seen plenty of teams have to cancel or postpone games due to a huge outbreak around their team, most notably and recently, Wisconsin.

How does the NCAA look to prevent COVID in college basketball? There’s no right answer. There’s also no good answer. Nobody knows. Because if we did, we’d be doing it.

The season begins on November 25. Originally, the start of the season was set for November 10. Non-conference games have a higher chance of being postponed or canceled entirely compared to conference play.

Each conference has their own protocols, as we have seen in college football. During the conference slate, you’d hope that things are more under control, however, we’ve seen in football that this hasn’t been the case.

On December 29, the SEC and the Mountain West begin their conference play. All other conferences will follow. Be sure to constantly check the NCAAB odds board and look always for the top rated sportsbooks.

The goal is to make it to March 14 where the NCAA will then reveal their NCAA Tournament bracket.

March 16 is when the games begin. After missing out on the tournament in 2020, the NCAA will do everything in their power to make sure that the NCAA Tournament is played in 2021.

Joel Ayayi #11 of the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

Most non-conference games early in the season will be played at neutral sites. Maybe that’s what teams need. Maybe getting experience on a neutral site will help teams when it comes conference tournament time.

Of course, all dates are subject to change. All games are subject to change. Every conference has a different protocol whether or not a player or team can play a specific game.

Schedules, especially in the mid-major sector are going to be weird. If a team is playing the same team two times in a row without three days rest inbetween, I’d advise you to stay away.

It’s crucial to be selective this season. Find your spots. Do your research. And then hope that the team you bet on doesn’t have any issues moving forward.