Sports B.I.T. Thursday's Betting Recap & Games That Went Wrong

Ted Sevransky

Friday, March 11, 2016 4:59 PM UTC

Friday, Mar. 11, 2016 4:59 PM UTC

Let's rewind the tape and take a look at last night's selections, for our NCAA basketball picks. Join us inside to check as we call it the bad beats and bad bets.

On Friday’s SportsBIT Teddy and Pauly open with a bevy of bad beats and bad bets from Thursday’s wild conference tournament action in college hoops. So many bettors got burned in so many different ways, it was hard to keep up. At the same time, for every bettor that got burned, there was another bettor celebrating a miracle win, like Teddy was doing when Iowa State forced a late turnover, then hit a miracle 30 foot three pointer at the buzzer (nothing but net) to lose by only three instead of losing by six. For a game that bounced between Oklahoma -4 and -4.5 all day on the NCAA basketball odds, it was a huuuuuuge shot, one that sent bettors into a tizzy in sportsbooks around Vegas and across the Twitterverse.

But Oklahoma wasn’t the only brutal beat on Thursday. What about bettors who had Duke -2 against Notre Dame! The Blue Devils led by 19 with just over 11 minutes left on the clock, then proceeded to play their worst 11 minutes of the season, followed by an equally bad five minute overtime session. And anyone with a Duke/Under ticket was feeling even worse, with a game that closed 156.5 finishing with only 140 combined points in regulation before going Over in OT. Northwestern – Michigan Under bettors had a similar fate, a game that was totaled at 134.5 which finished with 120 points in regulation also flying Over in the extra session.

Washington didn’t foul down six with 12 seconds left, losing by only six as +7.5 or +8 point underdogs. Shep Garner hit a last second three for Penn State (+6), so the Nittany Lions lost by only four. Colorado was down 33-14 early and by 17 at halftime. They were down 10 with just over a minute to go, never sniffing a cover…until they got hot in that final minute to lose by only four, catching six points. Clearly, there were no shortage of wild, down to the wire finishes, and Teddy and Pauly did their best to detail all the carnage from a pointspread perspective. You can check out the Bad Beats/Bad Bets segment, or check out the whole show, including Friday’s Play of the Day.

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