Sports B.I.T.- Thursday's Betting Analysis & Best Games On The Board

Ted Sevransky

Thursday, March 10, 2016 1:09 PM UTC

Thursday, Mar. 10, 2016 1:09 PM UTC

We start another day of NCAA basketball action, join us inside as we take a look at the best matches & the sharp NCAA basketball picks for today. Let's make the best of it.

On SportsBIT for Thursday, Teddy and Pauly take a Deep Dive into the ultimate conference tourney question. And it’s not an easy answer, requiring a detailed, team by team breakdown. That question? How do bettors tell the difference between teams off a first round tourney win building momentum for an extended tournament run, compared to the teams primed for a ‘one win and go home’ after running out of gas?

The first step of the process starts with a little bit of homework. Bettors need to know which teams have depth issues coming into their conference tournaments, squads with rotations that only go six or seven players deep. And bettors should be aware of which teams have no significant depth concerns in these types of settings, squads with rotations that go nine or ten deep, getting significant and consistent production off their bench. Of course, if you haven’t done your homework, you can always go back and take a look at recent SportsBIT’s that discuss this very subject, with the archives available for viewing right here.

Two teams that look like they might be in the ‘building momentum’ category off Wednesday’s wins are Pitt and Washington. Jamie Dixon’s Panthers got 39 points off their bench in yesterday’s win over Syracuse and no player was on the floor for more than 35 minutes of game action.  Pitt has the depth for fatigue not to be an issue on Day 2 of their ACC Tourney run. Washington got what they needed from their uber-talented freshman class, getting 34 points from true frosh on their way to a 50-22 halftime lead over Stanford. When talented freshmen start gaining confidence, surrounded by a relatively fresh, rested team, they’re more than capable of pulling off an upset or two (or three).

But not every team is built like Pitt or Washington. Look no further than the UNLV Running Rebels from Teddy and Pauly’s adopted home town of Las Vegas. The Rebels have been besieged with injuries and attrition all year, leaving them with a seven man rotation that includes a pair of walk-ons getting minutes. The Rebels fought an epic battle yesterday, getting revenge for a recent loss in Colorado Springs with a triple OT win over Air Force. But with three of their five starters playing 54+ minutes yesterday, UNLV is a prime candidate to suffer a major hangover after tip-off against Fresno on Thursday.

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