Sports B.I.T.- Looking Ahead For Conference Championship Week

Ted Sevransky

Monday, March 7, 2016 2:39 PM UTC

Monday, Mar. 7, 2016 2:39 PM UTC

Join our preview to look at the best games to bet over the week, as we analyze our NCAA basketball picks for Championship Week. Let's get ready to win big and fatten our wallets.

It’s conference tournament week, and there will be college hoops betting action morning, noon and night for most of the next six days before Selection Sunday. NCAA Basketball picks will take center stage on SportsBIT for the next two weeks, first with the auto-bid excitement of Championship Week, then with the opening weekend of the Big Dance as well as the plethora of lesser tournaments which offer plenty of opportunity for savvy bettors as well.

On Monday’s SportsBIT, Teddy and Pauly deep dive into betting theory when it comes to conference tournament play. They begin with a discussion of the ‘rest vs. rust’ argument. For example, in the Horizon League Tournament, both Valparaiso and Oakland U earned double-byes during the regular season. But will that leave them fresh tonight, or rusty? Do their respective opponents – Wisconsin-Green Bay and Wright State - suffer from fatigue, or are they in a better playing rhythm because they have had two games at Joe Louis Arena?  

Joe Louis Arena is not an easy place on the first appearance - these are the first basketball games there since 2006.  And as we saw on Saturday, three of the four opening round games stayed Under the total with ample room to spare – plenty of bricks being laid by shooters in their first try at this venue.

And for all the excitement of Conference Championship Week, many of the bigger conferences have some real duds on their respective schedules in the early rounds. Look no further than the ACC, with NC State vs. Wake Forest and Boston College vs. Florida State in the opening round.  Those games will be played at the Verizon Center in Washington DC on Tuesday afternoon. Fans from bad teams do not make long trips when their guys are not going to last in the tournament anyway, and none of the quartet listed above is likely to win more than one game. The Verizon Center will be empty. 

It’s the same story with the Big Sky tourney in Reno, where teams from nine different Western states (none of them Nevada) will square off this week. That Portland State – Northern Colorado tip-off early on Tuesday might not have anybody in attendance but the players, their families and the officials on the court.

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