Sports B.I.T.- Best Tournament Games to Watch & Key Matchups

Ted Sevransky

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 3:56 PM UTC

Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2016 3:56 PM UTC

It's getting to that stage that we see the best matchups on the NCAA tournament. Join us inside as we breakdown the hottest games and our sharp predictions.

Teddy starts with a rant about the most annoying commercials driving everybody nuts right about now. No, it’s not that god-awful N-N-N-N-Napa Know-How commercial that drove everybody nuts a few years ago. In fact, this one might be worse!

Charles Barkley is cool. Samuel L Jackson is cool.  Spike Lee is cool. These are three guys that everybody likes, with wide cross-over appeal – that’s how they got the gig to begin with. But there’s no friggin way that trio should be singing the Pina Colada song; one of the un-coolest songs of all time! And they’re not just singing it – they’re jamming to it and it’s the entire commercial. Rupert Holmes – the guy who originally sang the Pina Colada song -- is not the kind of guy that trio wants to be emulating. 

And when we’re walking around all day humming that song…..well, let’s just say that Teddy isn’t in any rush to get a new Capital One card. Teddy didn’t think it was actually possible for any commercial to be more annoying than the one featuring DeAndre Jordan dressed in drag, shrieking because his ring got stolen for State Farm Insurance. Chuck, Spike and Samuel L have managed to accomplish that task…..

Of course there’s a ton of Big Game Breakdowns, a staple of every show. Teddy and Pauly deliver the hard facts and the key nuances of the Duke – Oregon and Oklahoma  - Texas A&M Sweet 16 matchups for Thursday as well as the Spurs – Heat and Clippers – Warriors showdowns in the NBA on Wednesday Night

Why is San Antonio’s offense in a major funk here in March? What is going on with the Clippers defensive slippage this month? What about Steph Curry’s shooting funk? Or Oklahoma’s 3-17 ATS mark in their last 20 tries as a favorite? Or the disparity between Coach K’s 22 previous Sweet 16 appearances compared to Dana Altman’s one? This is the type of Vegas based, pointspread information you just can’t find anywhere else! 

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