NCAA Basketball Picks: Top 25 Rundown

Michael Anthony

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 5:29 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 5:29 PM UTC

With the #1 Duke Blue Devils and the #2 Michigan Wolverines both losing last weekend there has been some major fiasco in the NCAAB Top 25 Polls.

Indiana jumped to #2 but proceeded to lose last night against Wisconsin causing more fiasco. See how this week’s Top 25 shakes out, as it will surely have a new make-over.

No longer any undefeated teams in the Nation.

Duke and Michigan were the last two teams standing with perfect records but that all changed this weekend as they both hit the road for conference play. If you have been keeping up with our weekly update on the Top 25 we have been stressing what a good team NC State has been and how they have gotten a raw deal from the voters. Well they surely proved them (the voters) wrong this week, knocking off the #1 Dukies.

Michigan traveled to Ohio State to take on the Buckeyes and from the very beginning the game was never in doubt as Ohio State jumped out to a 16-3 lead and never looked back, leaving the two teams –that looked like they were going to dominate  NCAA basketball –with blemishes on their records.

So where do we do stand now?

Louisville has jumped to the number #1 team in the country and deservedly so. They have been absolutely destroying teams all year and their lone loss was to Duke by 5 points on a neutral court. The Cardinals have some of the best Guard play in the Nation next to Michigan and great size inside, a perfect combination. Though we all know the Big East is an absolute grind and they have a tough schedule coming up, facing Syracuse, at Villanova, at Georgetown, than Pitt and Marquette. So, we'll see just how long this #1 standing will last.

The Indiana Hoosiers were put back into the #2 spot but that will quickly be taken away from them as they lost on their home floor last night to Wisconsin. It seems as if the Badgers are Tom Creams kryptonite, seeing as he has not beat Wisconsin since taking the Indiana job.

The Jay Hawks are next up in line with a 14-1 record and have been playing flawless basketball as of late, we fully expect a red hot Kansas team to jump to the #2 spot, with Syracuse to climb a few spots as well.

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Focusing on Number's 10-25.

NC State has jumped all the way from 23rd last week in the polls to a much better deserving 15th in the nation and with all the mix up in the Top 10 we could see them possibly move up even further.

VCU has jumped all the way from #24 to 19th, expect them to keep moving too as Shaka Smart has them rolling in A-12 conference play.

It wasn't long ago that Illinois found themselves within the Top 10 teams in the country and what a fall from grace they have had. After dropping games to Missouri, Purdue, Minnesota and Wisconsin… the Fighting Illini have slipped all the way to the 22nd ranked team in the Nation. Talk about a fall from grace.

Butler, they simply find a way to get it done every single year. What else can you say about this team and head coach Brad Stevens? Some thought they would struggle making the transition to the stacked A-10 conference but that has not been the case at all, although we still have a long way to go but let’s give the Bulldogs credit where credit is due. This team started off the year un ranked with not many expectations than proceeded to knock off the #1 team in the country at the time, Indiana. Ever since then they have been slowly climbing the polls. Don't look know but when Monday comes around Butler could be once again in the Top 10 as they sit at 13th right now, after being ranked 17 in the polls last week.

There is a ton of action again this weekend that should shake up the polls quite good again this upcoming week so be sure to check out our Top 25 update next week as well.

As always, good luck on your sports picks and cash those tickets.

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