NCAA Basketball Picks: SEC Betting Trends with Peter Loshak

Peter Loshak

Saturday, January 26, 2013 8:02 PM GMT

Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013 8:02 PM GMT

Up to date betting trends for your sports picks on the South Eastern Conference of NCAA basketball.

In the SEC so far this year,
the top 2 teams in the standings are also the top 2 teams in the conference in terms of ATS record, which is a bit unusual for a major conference.

Florida and Mississippi are those two teams, but out of the two of them, Florida looks much more solid, and much more likely to maintain their profitability.

And as is often the case with major conferences, some of the most promising teams ATS at this point in the season in the SEC come from the lower ranks. Vanderbilt and South Carolina both are giving signs that they might be undervalued at the moment, and may have line value in upcoming games where they are sure to be significant underdogs.

With totals, the SEC is often a conference with low scoring, low totals, and under trenders on the betting odds. This year is no exception. There are a number of strong under trenders at the moment in the SEC and few over trenders, and recent conference games have begun to go significantly under posted totals, even when those posted totals are in the 120s.

There is always the unexpected high-scoring game, where two low-scoring teams have a total in the 120s, but the game goes to the 150s, but overall, it’s looking like a bit more SEC games will be going under than over in the next few weeks.

I look into all of this in detail in my ATS update for the SEC covering NCAAB picks on the games through January 24th.

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