March Madness Monkey Business: Sweet 16 & Elite 8 Bracket ATS Picks

SBR Staff

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 7:00 PM UTC

Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2016 7:00 PM UTC

The SBR handicapping monkeys are back! They have a bracket breakdown for the Sweet 16 & Elite 8 as well as ATS picks on all of the 8 Sweet 16 games!

We are back with another edition of SBR’s March Madness Monkey Business! Our furry college basketball handicappers have given us their updated bracket as they see it coming down from the Sweet 16 to the Final Four. We were also get two of the monkeys, Tere Covers who is 3-1 ATS and our newfound bracket genius, El Guapo to give us 8 Picks against the Sweet 16 Spread (you've gotta follow this monkey ... He hit 10 out of 12 bracket selections in the first two rounds!)

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Our Monkeys  Current  NCAA Tournament Bracket Records:

El Guapo: 10-2
Jorge:  8-4
Nala:  7-5
Tere Covers   6-6
ATS - Tere Covers 3 -1

The Rules
Once again we have loaded our team flags with fruit and will present them to the monkeys (each has their own region and it is the same region since the beginning) at equal distances apart. The first flag or piece of fruit (from the corresponding flag) to make it off our Animal Refuge Monkey Business tray is dubbed the proposed winner! So without further ado ...


Here are the Sweet 16 picks:


Western Region - Tere Covers
Tere Covers immediately picked the Blue Devils to move on to the Elite 8
Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M: She jumped all over Oklahoma.


Mid-West Region - El Guapo (Current Bracketology WORLD LEADER)
UVA vs. Iowa State: Guapo jumps all over the Cavaliers to move on to the Elite 8.
Gonzaga vs. Syracuse: This smart little monkey is talking the Orange to eliminate the Zags move forward.


South Region - Jorge
Kansas vs. Maryland:According to our self-proclaimed NCAAB expert, Jorge the monkey, this will be a very tight game with
KU barely edging out the Terps.
Miami vs. Villanova: Jorge confidently grabs the University of Miami Hurricanes as his second pick to move on to the Elite 8 (I humbly disagree with you, Jorge).


East Region - Nala
UNC vs. Indiana:This game may go down in history as the ‘Battle of the Bananas’. Nala thinking both teams will battle hard … finally took the banana belonging to the Tar Heels, who will move on (in her opinion) to the Elite 8 Round.
Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin:After a few minutes of trying to get the other monkeys of Nala the monkey’s back, she gave a pick on Notre Dame to beat Wisconsin.


For Live, Up-to-date NCAA tournament odds on all of the games


Elite Eight Bracket Picks
Western Region - Tere Covers
Oklahoma vs. Duke: This Monkey Predicts  Oklahoma

South Region - Jorge
Kansas vs. Miami:Jorge Predicts Miami

East Region - Nala
UNC vs. Notre Dame:It took a while to get this one figured out … but Nala Predicts North Carolina to move on to the Final 4

Mid-West Region - El Guapo
UVA vs. Syracuse:El Guapo likes Virginia to move on down the dance floor!


Bonus March Madness Sweet 16 Picks Against The Spread


Tere Covers
Gonzaga vs. Syracuse: Zags - 4.5 
Miami vs. Villanova:  Miami +4
UVA vs. Iowa State: Iowa State +5
Oregon vs. Duke: Oregon -2.5


El Guapo (The Bracket Champ)
Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M:  Texas A&M +2.5
UNC vs. Indiana:  Indiana +5.5                       
Wisconsin vs. Note Dame: Wisconsin +1
Kansas vs. Maryland: Maryland +7


Be sure to tune in next week for SBR's March Madness Monkey Business Bracket Picks on the Final 4 and the Championship Matchup! We'll be checking their bracket and ATS records as well as have ATS and Total picks on the final games!

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