March Madness Monkey Business | Final 4 & NCAA Title ATS & O/U

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016 5:14 PM UTC

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2016 5:14 PM UTC

With a ML NCAA Bracket Record of 12-3 El Guapo is back with his monkey friends to pick the final four outcomes and drop ATS & O/U knowledge.

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Monday April 4th | National Championship Update:

Guapo ML Record 13-4

Tere Covers ATS Record 4-6

Jorge Total Record 1-0-1

National Championship ATS & Total Picks

After careul consideration (Due to Tere 'Covers' not covering, we had Jorge take over the ATS and Total Picks for the Title Game. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to film and edit so this update is textual! Jorge nailed the totals for both Final Four games but got screwed on our ability as humans to get him in on the early line, so he gets a win and a push officially instead of two wins. Today we had him give us an ATS pick and A Total Pick on North Carolina vs. Villanova and this is what he had to say!

 Money Line: El Guapo Still Likes Nova! He has been all over this team the whole tournament and guess what? He is 13-4 on his straight up  Bracket Picks so ... maybe we should listen up.                                                                                                                                        ML Monkey Picks Villanova +120 at Bovada

 Spread: Jorge eagerly snatched up Villanova to cover 3 points, which coinsides with El Guapo taking Villanova to WIN IT ALL! ATS Monkey  Pick - Villanova +3 at Bodog

 Total: Jorge is going with a bit of defense to show up and loves that super high total at Bodog sports book!                                                Total MonkeyPick UNDER 151 at Bodog

Final 4 March Madness Monkey Business

The great March Madness show is almost at an end. But even though we are at the Final Four stage of the NCAAB Tournament, SBR's own Matt and Justin are still monkeying around at the Animal Refuge in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

If you haven't been following this series, we started out at the beginning of the Tournament with four monkeys and designated each monkey to a specific region of the bracket. We then presented them with team flags of the matchups and let the monkeys choose who would move on and also threw in some NCAAB spread picks as well.

If you had been following a couple of these monkeys and used their selections on the Money-Line you'd be a hell of a lot richer right now! They called most of the BIG UPSETS and many of the slight underdogs that won out. That said, their current bracket picks record is nothing to throw poop at.


Handicapping Monkeys' Bracket & Picks Record

  • Although El Guapo has had his struggles against the number (0-4 ATS), he is 12 - 3 on moneyline bracket selections making his SU March Madness record an unprecedented 80%. 
  • Nala is a very profitable 66.67% at 10 & 5
  • Jorge has been as good as any seasoned pro, hitting 60% of his SU tournament picks, 9 - 6 and is sepping out of his element for our benefit to give us two Final Four Picks on the Total.
  • Tere 'Covers' is 8 - 7 SU for 53.33% and looking to move from 4 - 4 to a profitable 6 - 4 ATS with her two Final Four Spread Picks this week.


The Final Four Straight Up Picks
Since El Guapo has been so succesful with the Straight Up bracket selections, we tasked him to picking the two teams that would move on the the NCAA Mens Basketball National Championship and also who will end up cutting down the net as the Big Dance Champions!

North Carolina vs. SyracuseOur handsome little monkey predicts that the Syracuse Orange will pull off a major upset, utilizing their fantastic zone 'D' to neutralize the Tar Heels. To give you an idea of how big of an upset this would be, UNC is currently favored by as much as 9 1/2 points. If you choose to follow his advise, You would potentially win $400 for every $100 bet. Pick: Syracuse

Villanova vs. Oklahoma- El Guapo likes Villanova (a 2 point favorite) to move on to the National Championship game against Oklahoma. And you know what? We think this is a sound pick. You can get this pick priced at -130 at 5dimes, but I doubt for long. Pick: Villanova

National Championship Game Winner - El Guapo Sees Villanova and Syracuse playing for it all with Villanova coming out on top! We'll track and see if his forsight is correct here. He seemed pretty confident that the Wildcats will be playing for the title and take it down the net against either Syracuse or UNC. Championship Pick: Villanova


Final Four ATS & Total Picks
Tere 'Covers' took on the tough task of making our ATS picks on the the Final Four. She took those blow-out, Elite 8 Losses (that we all got screwed on) that took her from 3-1 ATS to 4-4, personally. She wants to finish strong at 6-4.

North Carolina vs. Syracuse ATS- Tere is on the same page as El Guapo with regards to this game. 9 1/2 points is a lot to cover when this deep in the Dance and the she likes the Orange to keep it between the lines. The best price we have found is +9.5 and just -107 over at 5Dimes. Pick: Syracuse +9.5 

Villanova vs. Oklahoma ATSHere is where things get weird ... Tere Covers thinks that Oklahoma can keep the Wildcats withing kicking distance and cover +2.5 against a Villanova team that El Guapo is pretty sure will be dominant. The best place to get this line is BET US.         Pick: Oklahoma +2.5

North Carolina vs. Syracuse Total Score-  Jorge, our monkey who is the self-proclaimed college basketball expert, really took the artificially deflated total line on this game into account. He thinks the lines-makers set the line correctly at 147, so he really like the game to go OVER 144. Pick: OVER 144 at Heritage

Villanova vs. Oklahoma Total Score- We feel a little bad for Jorge because he lost a whole point on this pick due to enclosure repair issues yesterday. Jorge likes this game to go UNDER and due to the 1 day video production delay his official pick is UNDER 145.5, But I'll still count him as calling it correctly if the game stays UNDER 146.5, which is where he should have gotten in on the NCAAB odds boards (This is why it is important to stay sharp and jump on a good line while you can, folks). Pick: UNDER 145.5 (146.5) at Bookmaker.

 Tune In Sunday & Monday For The National Title Update

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