How To Bet NCAA Basketball - What To Look For When Choosing A Betting Site

Thursday, November 10, 2016 10:46 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016 10:46 PM UTC

Let’s talk about how and where to bet college basketball with the season now going strong. You need to know the angles in order to win money but you also need to know where to get down in order to receive the money that you won!

<h2>College Basketball – Fun and Profitable</h2><p>If you are new to betting college hoops then you have come to the right place. You know the game – heck, you love the game – so why not make money on your knowledge and passion of the sport? Makes sense right? In order to better your chances of having a winning season, you need to know how and where to bet college basketball. Here, we will start with the how portion of that statement and give you a heads up on what’s up when the college slate of games begins.</p><p>Scout the injury reports. Make sure that the team you’re betting on is actually sending their best players onto the court. Sometimes, the team will announce their late scratches, which is why you need to scour those injury reports right up until tipoff. However, don’t wait too long or you will be shut out and unable to place your bet.</p><p>In addition, look at how those players have historically performed against the team they are playing that evening. Sometimes average players have alarmingly better stats against certain teams because of man-to-man matchups. Also, look for teams that are well rested playing against opponents that may be in the thick of a hectic schedule. Take advantage of these opportunities because if you do your homework, you will be far better equipped to win more than you lose.</p><p> </p><h2>Where Do I Bet?</h2><p>Just like doing your homework on the nightly matchups, it is important to research which offshore sportsbooks will give you the best bang for your betting buck when placing wagers on your <a href="" title="Follow NCAAB Experts For Free Picks">college basketball picks</a>. As a matter of fact, the sharp players always have at least two or three (oftentimes more) accounts premier sportsbooks in order to shop around and get the best line available. Why not do what the pros do and have multiple accounts at your disposal because all sportsbooks lines are not created equal. If you love Duke, wouldn’t you rather bet the Blue Devils -6 than lay 8 points on another book? When you have multiple places to shop, you can compare the lines and pick the best one. Even a difference of half a point can mean the difference between pushing and winning a bet.</p><p>So where do you go to find the <a href="" title="Check Out SBR's Official Best Online Sportsbooks List ">best offshore sportsbooks</a> available? Don’t just arbitrarily click a link because there are premium betting sites and then there are those who have a track record of shady dealings, slow payouts or even no payouts! Get informed and go to an independent site to research where your money will be safe and which sportsbook pays out the quickest. A sports betting industry watchdog like <a href="" title="Click Here For More Free Picks"></a> has an entire section of their site devoted to this, replete with testimonials on all the offshore sportsbooks. Each <a href="" title="Take A Look At SBR's Online Sports Betting Sites Rating Guide">sportsbook is graded</a> from A+ all the way down to the F and the dreaded blacklist.</p><p>So get informed and understand how and where to bet college basketball because it can mean the difference between winning and losing!</p>
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