Finding Betting Value in Creighton Bluejays minus McBuckets

David Lawrence

Monday, July 28, 2014 8:04 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 28, 2014 8:04 PM UTC

The Creighton Bluejays begin life without Doug McDermott, the College Basketball superstar also known as “Dougie McBuckets”. How will this affect the Jays' NCAA Basketball Betting Odds?

Doug McDermott, the son of Creighton head coach Greg McDermott, could throw the ball in the basket from just about any place on the court within 40 feet of the rim. His range was ridiculously expansive and he could play well as a face-up shooter. He could establish himself in the low post, in the high post, on the wings, at the top of the key, anywhere he wanted. He could back down smaller defenders and play a more physical game closer to the basket. He could get to the foul line. He could play in just about any style. Now he’s in the NBA, though, so the Jays will have to adjust. What’s happening to the team? It matters a lot as the next season is considered.

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So What Does This Mean?
The point guard on the Jays will take on even more importance next season with McDermott gone. Austin Chatman is the Jays’ point guard, and it was announced last week that he will have surgery to mend an injured ligament in his right thumb. Chatman is expected to fully recover before the start of the season. He would, however, need to wear a cast for two months. Chatman is actually Creighton’s only returning starter this season. He’s been the iron man for the team and a player who logs a lot of minutes whenever he starts. He averaged 8.1 points per game for the team in his junior season. As a senior, he’ll be expected to do even more. Chatman scored in double figures in six of the Jays’ last seven games last season and was named to the Big East’s all-tournament team over the course of three days in Madison Square Garden.

In terms of what this surgery and recovery process means for Chatman, one should not expect him to shoot the ball well in the first few weeks of the season. An adjustment period should be naturally anticipated, with Chatman needing weeks at the very least, and maybe a month, to fully regain his shooting stroke. It’s not as though he scored a lot of points to begin with, but three-point shooting is not likely to be there for Chatman at the start of the season.


How To Bet The News
It’s hard to say too much about this news story in terms of betting on Creighton over the course of the full season. The Bluejays were always going to suffer this next season because of the absence of McDermott. That alone will take away so much of what this team did well a year ago. That’s why you should bet against Creighton in the long run. Bet against them on early spreads and stay away from their NCAA Tournament futures. Chatman is a secondary story, especially since he’ll be healthy when the season begins (barring any new accidents).

What you can bet on with respect to Chatman is that you should expect Creighton to not score at a high rate in its first few games against good teams with solid defenses. When the Jays play top teams that can defend in November, don’t make 'Creighton to win' one of your College Football betting picks, or at least, not by very much. Be ready to bet “unders” with Creighton in November against quality opposition.

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