Who Will Win Season Series Between Lakers And Clippers?


Series Tie: +100

LA Clippers: +150

Los Angeles Lakers: +225

Roster Age Breakdowns

Both the Lakers and Clippers went through a lot of roster makeovers this summer, both on the high and lower end of the depth chart. Here’s a look at how the top two-thirds of their rotations will look like by the time we get to the regular season.

On paper, the Lakers look absolutely better, but once you realize a few things, you might be more inclined to bet on the Clippers or even a series tie. For starters, the Lakers’ roster is old. Outside of Kyle Kuzma and Alex Caruso, the rest of the Lakers’ star and rotation players will have an average age of 31.5 by the time the regular season ends. That includes a 26-year-old Anthony Davis too.

The Clippers, on the other hand, are still quite young. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are still in their 20s and will be for the entire season. The only guys older than 30 on the Clippers are Patrick Beverley, who turned 31 just a week ago, and Lou Williams, who will be 33 before the season starts.

Matchups And Resting

The biggest what-ifs of this prop bet, outside of major injuries, is how much will each of the team’s respective superstars rest against one another. You have to think that it likely won’t happen too much in front of the Staples Center crowds, especially if they are in primetime.

However, Leonard may follow a similar regiment as he did last year in Toronto in now his first season in LA. Anything can happen.

The other issue in locking in a bet on this prop is we don’t yet know what the schedule will look like. If it comes out and has one team playing the other on no rest or something, that could move the odds significantly.

Against one another though, the Clippers probably have the upper hand when completely healthy. They have Montrezl Harrell to go up against Davis defensively and George and Leonard can take turns going against James.

The only potential real advantage for the Lakers is if DeMarcus Cousins stays healthy the entire season and turns back into the old Boogie Cousins. If he is averaging close to 20 points per game and can play 65-to-70 games, the Lakers have an ace in the hole with the dominance that he and Davis can provide on the court together. Add in James and you have the most physically imposing frontcourt in the league.


Right now, I’m leaning towards the Clippers, but a lot will come down to scheduling. When the games are played and on how many days rest or hours traveled beforehand may be crucial variables that we won’t be able to figure out until the schedule is released.

If a majority of the games are played in the first half of the season, the Lakers may right now have some value at +225. However, in my opinion, if they have more than two games against one another in the second half, it favors the Clippers a lot more, who won’t have to deal with an aging roster in February and March as much as the Lakers inevitably will.

In theory, that may happen, because these two will almost surely meet on Christmas. If that is their first game against one another next season, I would lean towards the Clippers.

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