Weekend Warm-Up - What To Expect From The Association

Jason Lake

Thursday, February 2, 2017 5:50 PM UTC

Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017 5:50 PM UTC

If volatility is the key to profit, then sharp bettors should be having a field day with their NBA picks. This league has turned into a full-fledged, never-ending soap opera.

Disruption: It’s what’s for dinner. We’ve talked quite a lot in this space about buying low and selling high with your NBA picks. There are very few long-term investments in this business – the San Antonio Spurs come to mind, maybe the Toronto Raptors. The profit margin for these teams is baked right in. Everywhere else, it’s chaos. The highs are really high for a lot of teams, and the lows are really low; if you can stay in front of the marketplace, you can exploit this volatility and make some serious coin. Just make sure you hop on and off the rollercoaster at the right moment.

Los AngeleClippers vs Boston Celtics Sunday 2:00 p.m. ET, ABC

While we’re at it, remember that thing about the Clippers being in trouble without Chris Paul (+10.0 BPM) – even once Blake Griffin (+3.3 BPM) returns? The Clips got smoked in each of Griffin’s first two games back in uniform. Meanwhile, the Celtics are threatening to take over top spot in the Eastern Conference. They’re deep, talented, and healthy. But they’re also the Celtics, so that bandwagon’s going to fill up really quickly once that Super Bowl thing is out of the way.


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