Top NBA Picks to Finish With the Most Rebounds Per Game

David Lawrence

Thursday, October 23, 2014 7:53 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014 7:53 PM UTC

The NBA season is about to start. How will the rebounding race shape up? There are a few prime candidates, and their playing styles all need to be considered in greater detail. Let’s take a look at the best candidates and their betting odds.

1. DeAndre Jordan - NBA Odds: 2/1
This is the NBA odds favorite to win the rebounding title. Jordan is extremely long and active. He’s muscular and powerful as well, so he’s not going to be rooted out of the paint in a battle with other centers. He has the natural attributes of a rebounder, and he also has a nose for the ball. He’s just that kind of player to begin with. Yet, with a rebounding champion, you also have to account for the way in which a player fits in with the rest of a roster. Jordan is a rebounding and defense specialist on the Los Angeles Clippers. He does not shoot jump shots. He does not play away from the basket. He’s always in the paint, very close to the rim. Blake Griffin plays away from the basket, and the rest of the Clippers initiate the offense at the top of the key (Chris Paul) or on the wings (other role players). Jordan’s focus on offense is to get rebounds. He tries to dunk the putback if he gets a chance, but the first priority for him is to rebound a miss, not to look for his shot. When making your NBA picks keep in mind this is why he’s the favorite on the NBA betting odds.


2. Dwight Howard - NBA Odds: 7/2
The superstar center will definitely be a prime challenger for the rebounding title because of one basic thing: He’s not going to have Chris Bosh with him on the Houston roster. If Bosh had come to Houston as many people thought he would, Howard would have had at least a partial competitor for a number of rebounds per game. With Bosh not in the lineup and Chandler Parsons now in Dallas with the Mavericks, Houston looks like a team that’s going to be even more perimeter-based than before. This means that Howard is going to stand out even more as the team’s main force in the paint. Howard knows that he’s going to be relied on for all the rebounding and shot blocking the Houston Rockets are going to achieve this season. He’s in position to rack up big rebounding numbers in the coming season.


3. Andre Drummond - NBA Odds: 2/1
The man who came in second in last year’s rebounding race is going to be in the mix once again for Detroit. It’s true that the Pistons have a new coach, Stan Van Gundy, and will therefore have a new offensive system. Yet, Greg Monroe, one of their other big men, is still more of a finesse player who operates at various spots on the court. Drummond is more the bruiser on the Detroit Pistons, and much like Jordan with the Clippers, he’s the guy who stays anchored in the six to eight feet near the rim. He’s going to be near a lot of rebounds and will therefore be in prime position to snap them down. Drummond might be part of a team that will be coached and structured differently, but his strengths remain in place. They haven’t changed, and Van Gundy is not likely to play around too much with Drummond. He’s going to be in this race through the season.


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