The Best LA Clippers Bets in NBA Futures Market 2014-15

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 6:57 AM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014 6:57 AM UTC

Steve Ballmer’s $2 billion dollar purchase has officially closed. We take a moment to answer whether the Clippers are a viable option in your NBA picks to win the Pacific Division, Western Conference and/or the NBA title.

Ballmer’s Got a Cool New Toy!
Don’t you ever wonder why any fabulously rich guy with an extra billion or two floating around doesn’t own a professional sports franchise?  You would, I would and any red-blooded American male who routinely curses their team’s management would as well because it sure as hell beats calling a local sports talk show and giving away all your sage advice free of charge. Think of all the new friends you will have that will laugh at all your jokes and continually reinforce the wonder that is lil’ ol’ you!

And in Steve Ballmer’s case he now has twelve large and very tall talented dudes that he can talk shop with just about any time he pleases.  Ballmer can now waltz, tango or salsa right on into the locker room and be right at home because – it is his home! This middle aged, balding white guy is the toast of the town and all the beautiful people in La La Land now bow at the altar of the Ballminator. Damn it’s good to be a nerd!


But What Now?
Now that the evil Donald Sterling has been banished to his plantation it is time for Sterling to commandeer this ship from pretender to legitimate contender. There is certainly no shortage of enthusiasm from the new owner who previously tried to buy the Sacramento Kings and move them to his home base of Seattle.  That sale was derailed but this time there are no plans to move.

"The Clippers are more valuable in Los Angeles," Ballmer told ESPN. "It's a phenomenal city, a phenomenal market, phenomenal everything. I like Los Angeles and there's an opportunity to spend some time there in addition to Seattle. That is phenomenal... The NBA has made it clear they want fan bases to be able to keep their teams. I know that firsthand, because we did take a whirl at moving Sacramento and that didn't work. I'm all in on the Los Angeles Clippers. We're moving forward. We've got to work to be the best we can be to take advantage of all the assets in the community."


Clippers NBA Odds for 2014
The Clippers made a run at it last season when they claimed the Pacific Division crown and tallied 57 wins, the third most in the NBA, but got bounced in the Western Conference Semi-Finals by Oklahoma City in six games. Former Celtic coach Doc Rivers was at the helm for his inaugural season in LA and is expected to lead them again this season. The Clips were the most prolific scoring team in the NBA regular season, ranking first courtesy of their 107.9 PPG. However their rebounding and defense was pedestrian at best ranking 14th in both categories which will need to be improved if they are to take the next step and defeat the immeasurable talents of Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Golden State looks to be their only real rival in the Pacific but it’s what they do after they make the playoffs that counts. This is a certified postseason contender and if they happen to stumble and not be part of the postseason parade it would be considered a disaster for the fledgling owner. So with that we can comfortably say that the NBA odds being offered on the Clips to win the division yet again are a palatable -162 offered at

If you’re real high on the Clippers’ chances this season you may want to go shopping and plunk a few bucks down with who is dealing them at respectable +600 in NBA odds to win the West. And at almost double the return will pay you 10-1 to win the NBA title.

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