Sports BIT: 'Under' Picks Across All Leagues This Thursday

Teddy Covers

Thursday, May 19, 2016 6:15 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 19, 2016 6:15 PM UTC

Teddy and Pauly take a closer look at the NBA playoffs and discuss why the betting markets got it right as warriors are nothing but $$ and Thunder look mentally and physically fatigued.

Thursday’s SportsBIT is loaded with all the usual elements of the daily show. Pauly and Teddy open with a recap, discussing how bad of a bet the Oklahoma City Thunder were last night. The Toronto Blue Jays go under the microscope for a moment, after getting annihilated 31-7 at home in a series sweep by the Rays. The brutal beat that Under bettors suffered in the Penguins – Lightning game gets some attention, as does Giancarlo Stanton’s nasty slump – he’s hitting .098 over the past dozen games, and Miami backers have felt Stanton’s pain.

But one element about today’s SportsBIT  and NBA odds is different, as Teddy delivers a ‘The State of SportsBIT’ rant to close out the opening segment.  We’ve seen tremendous growth in viewership numbers since the show first came on air right after the Super Bowl. In fact, daily viewership is up nearly 1000% over that three month span, and those numbers have been growing despite the fact that it’s baseball season, not usually the biggest draw!  Clearly, SporsBIT is striking a chord with viewers.

Teddy talked about how he wanted to send live updates about the Thunder – Warriors Total that they used for the Play of the Day on Wednesday’s show. The show gets recorded very early, allowing for post-production work --getting all the pictures, graphics and blurbs in the right places, so you don’t just have to watch two talking heads for 20 minutes. Things change throughout the course of the day, and a bet that looked very attractive early doesn’t always look quite so attractive in the hours before tip-off.

SportsBIT doesn’t currently have the ability to send live updates throughout the day. How do we change that? Simple – we need more viewers!  SportsBIT isn’t trying to sell you anything. We’re just trying to bring you a good product for free every day, and establish as the ‘go-to’ destination for sportsbettors from around the globe. Once we reach a core audience (estimated at 10,000 views a show), all of a sudden advertising dollars get into the mix, and the capacity for improved technology – including updates right to your phone – has the potential to get this show to really go viral!

Thursday’s Deep Dive features MLB picks expert and SBR contributor Ian Cameron talking about the biggest betting stories in early season baseball. Check out the full show right here, right now.

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