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Monday, June 13, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Monday, Jun. 13, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

If you don’t watch SportsBIT every single day, you probably don’t know what you’re missing. Here are some key facts and tidbits from Monday’s show that you might have missed.

Facts that are presented by bettors for bettors to help you truly understand the nuances of the modern sports betting marketplace….and, of course, to help you win money!

Take today’s show for example. Here are some key tidbits that you might have missed if you didn’t watch the show.

The sportsbooks got hammered on the Stanley Cup finale, taking heavy Pittsburgh money all day prior to Game 6.

The San Diego Padres are now 1-19 in series finales but 25-19 in all other games. Ironically that one win game on the road against the best team in baseball, the Chicago Cubs. A 1-19 record in finales tells bettors very clearly that the Padres lack focus/intensity and the ability to ‘will’ themselves to series victories.

After taking wiseguy money AGAIN on Sunday, Astros starter Dallas Keuchel is now the single LEAST profitable starting pitcher to support in MLB this year. The Astros are 2-9 in last year’s Cy Young winner’s last eleven starts.

Tigers rookie hurler Michael Fulmer hasn’t gotten the hype of some other top minor league prospects. That being said, Fulmer has been the best pitcher in baseball over his last four starts: 27.1 innings of work, ten hits and zero runs allowed. The Tigers won all four of those starts by a combined 22-2 margin of victory. It’s surely worth noting that Fulmer has been an underdog in seven of his nine starts, and that he ranks among the Top 5 MLB pitchers in profitability this year, along side some pretty big names (Clayton Kershaw and Stephen Strasburg, just to name two).

The Golden State Warriors are going to really miss Draymond Green tonight. In the playoffs, the Warriors are +153 on NBA Odds with Green on the floor. With him on the bench, they are -15. Here in the Finals, with Green at center, the Warriors are +53 in 81 minutes of court time. When he’s not manning the center spot, the Warriors are -24 in 111 minutes of court time. The Warriors lost at Denver in their only previous game without Green all year. 

When the guy who leads the team in rebounds, assists and steals in the series gets suspended, the markets take notice – at least Warrior backers get to lay a much cheaper price without Green the lineup, as the -8 openers and -7’s before the suspension was announced have become -5.5’s on gameday.

The Chicago Cubs haven’t closed at lower than -160 in their last dozen games, yet they are underdogs tonight in Washington. Their last time as a betting market underdog? At San Francisco against Madison Bumgarner back on May 22nd, a game they lost 1-0. The Cubs have only been underdogs five times for the entire season, and they’ve got a winning record (3-2) in those games. 

The Cubs have played a remarkably weak schedule this year, but they are 17-6 vs St Louis, San Francisco, LA Dodgers, Pittsburgh and Washington; the only teams with winning records they’ve faced all year.

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