Sports BIT: NBA Western Conference Finals Hype Continues

Teddy Covers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 5:37 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 18, 2016 5:37 PM UTC

Wednesday's SportsBIT is still focusing on the NBA playoffs as OKC Thunder faces Golden State Warriors. Pauly and Teddy break the NBA odds down for us!

Breaking down NBA odds  and a baseball game before it happens doesn’t tend to generate as much interest as pre-kickoff pointspread analysis in football or pre tip-off ATS analysis in basketball. Teddy and Pauly talk about football on every SportsBIT show (link) over the spring and summer months -- you’ll enjoy today’s rant about how Charlie Weis is STILL getting paid more than Brian Kelly at Notre Dame, despite the fact that Weis got fired six years ago. 

And here in the NBA Playoffs, Teddy and Pauly are dishing out facts, figures, nuances, defensive assignments and solid opinions. That’s all the stuff you won’t find from mainstream sources with ex-jock talking heads; guys that are still hung up on stale narratives about the four NBA teams still playing, not to mention being completely clueless about NBA betting.

But Teddy and Pauly aren’t shy about trying to make baseball interesting and profitable for their daily viewers. And frankly, when it comes to breaking down a baseball game from a betting perspective, you’re not going to find many (any?) sources better than SportsBIT!

Take today’s show, for example. What’s the real story behind the Royals dismal offensive numbers so far this season? What's up with the MLB picks? Is KC primed to turn things around and make a third consecutive trip to the World Series when October rolls around? What’s the best way for bettors to take advantage of the Royals current mediocrity? Is David Price back on track following his dismal start to the season, or was his dominant outing against the Astros in his last start just a mirage? Are the Red Sox justified in their ‘mid-range’ road favorite’s price tag tonight at Kaufmann Stadium? These questions all get answered in a ‘less than three minutes’ Big Game Breakdown on today’s show.

It’s a similar story with the Yankees- Dbacks showdown in Arizona tonight. What makes Yankee starter Nathan Eovaldi so unique, and why do the betting markets love this guy? What’s wrong with Paul Goldschmidt and the slumping Diamondbacks offense? Can Shelby Miller turn around his early season funk against the mediocre (at best) New York lineup? One click (link) gives you the chance to find out from two veteran Las Vegas pros.

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