Sports BIT: NBA Finals Betting Preview & More NFL Deep Dives

Teddy Covers

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 3:09 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 1, 2016 3:09 PM UTC

Teddy and Pauly cut to the chase when it comes to an NBA Finals Preview – not wasting any time getting to the key details of the series. Find out where to profit from this June!

At SportsBIT, we know that you’re jonesing for two things right now as the calendar turns to June – the start of the NBA Finals and the start of the NFL season. Teddy and Pauly talk plenty of baseball in bad beats and bad bets (how about FIVE different teams flying Over the total by themselves on Tuesday), as well as their Big Game Breakdowns of Wednesday’s Rangers – Indians and Royals – Rays matchups. But they make sure to deliver what viewers like you are looking for – high level NBA and NFL content, not just the type of nonsensical gibberish that you find from so many talking heads on video and on television.

Teddy and Pauly cut to the chase when it comes to an NBA Finals Preview – not wasting any time getting to the key details of the series. Have the Cavs been tested enough after running through the Pistons, Hawks and Raptors, not exactly a playoff murderer’s row?  Will the fact that the Cavs have only played ONE meaningful fourth quarter in the last month – Game 4 at Atlanta – hinder their crunch time execution in the Finals?  Has their lack of close games hurt the development of Tyronn Lue as an effective head coach?   And how/where can Lue hide both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the defensive end of the court? 

Teddy and Pauly break it all down, delivering strong betting information that you can take advantage of as this series progresses. And this was just the Series Preview – their Game 1 Breakdown comes on tomorrow’s show!

And then there’s football!  This week, Teddy and Pauly are taking deep dives into all four AFC West teams. Today’s show puts the Kansas City Chiefs under the microscope. KC has won 11, 9 and 11 games in Andy Reid’s first three years on the job, going Over their season win total each time. And for all of Andy Reid’s clock management buffoonery, his regular season results both in KC and in his previous tenure at Philly have been enormously profitable for win total bettors playing his teams Over the total.

But last year’s 11-5 record was somewhat fraudulent. So was their playoff win. Can ‘dink and dunk’ Alex Smith really average more yards per pass attempt than Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford again this year?  What about their offseason personnel moves – how do we grade them?  Will this year’s schedule be as easy as last year’s?  Watch today’s SportsBIT to find out!

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