Sports BIT: The NBA Eastern Conference Finals Have Our Full Attention

Teddy Covers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Tuesday, May. 17, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Tuesday’s SportsBIT has a particular focus: It's the Eastern Conference Finals. Pauly and Teddy break the NBA Odds down twice, giving an analysis of Game 1, then the series.

Much like Monday’s show – a show that made it very clear that both Pauly and Teddy thought Oklahoma City was ‘live’ in their series against Golden State – Tuesday’s SportsBIT has a particular focus. This time, the focus shifts to the Eastern Conference Finals. Pauly and Teddy break it down twice; giving a thorough analysis of Game 1 NBA odds in the Big Game Breakdown segment, then taking a Deep Dive into the series as a whole. 

The focus for Game 1 is on the dramatic difference in rest time between the Cavs and the Raptors. Toronto faces a tough one-day turnaround against the hot shooting Cavs; a team that has been on fire from three point range here in the playoffs.  After facing a Miami team that simply couldn’t shoot straight, hitting just 33% from three point range in their series against the Raptors, now Toronto must find a way to contain the Cavs three point shooters. Cleveland has hit a whopping 134-290 from beyond the arc in the playoffs, a 46% clip.

The Cavs had little trouble hitting three pointers against the Raptors in the two meaningful regular season games (Jared Cunningham started at point guard for the Cavs in the early season third meeting). Cleveland went 12-24 from downtown in one, 17-33 from downtown in the other. They won the only regular season game between these two teams on this floor by 22 points in a game that flew Over the total.

Teddy and Pauly talk about how the Cavs have tried to stay fresh and focused during their long layoff. Remember, Cleveland closed out Atlanta a week ago Sunday, one day before the Raptors played Game 4 of their seven game marathon against the Heat. You definitely want to watch today’s show if not for the NBA pick, then for the great Tristan Thompson quote talking about the ‘Versaclimber’ that has been used in conditioning and team building exercises over the past week.

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