Sports BIT: Can Cavaliers Stomp Over A Confident Westbrook & Co In Visit To Toronto?

Teddy Covers

Friday, May 27, 2016 3:42 PM UTC

Friday, May. 27, 2016 3:42 PM UTC

As we get loser to the Championship Finals, the hype flares to an all-time high. Teddy & Pauly can't have enough of NBA betting either and are here to help!

Sports is reality TV for men, without the editing and post production work to insert drama into the mix – the drama for bettors is real, on a nightly basis.  And you’re not going to find a game with more pointspread drama and hijinks than last night’s Game 5 matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Oklahoma City Thunder. On today’s SportsBIT Teddy and Pauly put that final minute under the microscope in a fascinating look at the pointspread drama.

For the mainstream audience, the final minute of Game 5 was probably pretty boring.  The Warriors were going to win – that much was never really in doubt at that stage of the game.  And that final minute took about 20 minutes of real time, in a game where the SU outcome was already determined.

Why do the professional leagues – especially the NFL and the NBA - -love sportsbettors, regardless of what their public stance is?  Simple – we watch, intently, from start to finish.  We watch first quarters.  We watch blowouts in the fourth quarter.  Our ‘level of engagement’ with the products that the leagues are televising is sky high; far more than that of ‘fans’ of any particular team or league.

The networks use the hard data from aggregate audience numbers to charge ever-increasing rates to their advertisers.  Those networks then have the cash to pay the leagues exorbitant rates to televise the games. The owners and the players all have gotten filthy rich off those viewership numbers; numbers that are most assuredly inflated by bettors around the globe.

So the final minute of last night’s Game 5 showdown was a moneymaker for the network and the NBA, despite the fact that everybody knew the Warriors were going to win in SU fashion.   And what a minute it was!  Teddy and Pauly break it down from start to finish– Durant’s dunk to cut the lead to nine, Thompson’s free throws to push it back to 11, Barnes foul on Durant to give the Thunder three free throws, Curry’s turnover leading to a Westbrook bucket, Westbrook’s great offensive rebound off his missed free throw, Curry and Green hitting free throws, Morrow draining an impossible three but not getting the foul call, Thompson’s two free throws to get Golden State back over the number, then Nazr Mohammed and Dion Waiters getting decent looks that didn’t fall in the closing seconds. 

Now that, folks, is true drama, with the game going back and forth across the number multiple times. Let’s not forget the total either; another outcome that was very much in doubt into that final minute. Check out Pauly and Teddy’s full breakdown on the Weekend Preview edition of SportsBIT!

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