Sports B.I.T: Is It Too Late For Warriors To Turn This Around?

Teddy Covers

Thursday, May 26, 2016 2:30 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 26, 2016 2:30 PM UTC

After yesterday's intense match, it's time for Teddy and Pauly to dive even deeper into these conference playoffs as the clutch factor increases in NBA betting w/ Thunder vs. Warriors!

What makes SportsBIT different from mainstream ‘regular’ sports preview shows that you’ll find on the TV networks – the ubiquitous shows on nearly every sports network allowing a bunch of ex-athletes a platform to share their opinions?  Simple – we do it better than they do it, especially when it comes to Big Game Breakdowns and informed, fact based opinions. 

One thing that Teddy and Pauly look to avoid every single day is, to put it bluntly, the type of inane blathering you’ll find on network after network. The goal of every show is to provide sharp opinions based on accurate data; helping bettors digest what just happened and predict what is likely to happen.

Take the Big Game Breakdowns on Thursday’s show, for example. The mainstream networks might tell you about the nine teams in NBA Playoff history that have rallied back from 3-1 series deficits; the exact same deficit that the Golden State Warriors face heading into Game 5 tonight. But Teddy and Pauly take it deeper. Which of those nine teams that rallied back is most like this version of the Warriors? What did those squads have in common? What did their opponents have in common? How ‘live’ is Golden State moving forward?

Pauly and Teddy break down Steve Kerr’s coaching style. This has not been a great series for the NBA Coach of the Year, but Teddy thought Kerr made a great move on Wednesday, giving his team the day off instead of practicing. His two quotes both stand out as a coach who seems more relaxed and confident than most coaches in this situation:

“We are the defending champs. Most teams that were down 3-1 in the conference finals, I'm guessing weren't the defending champs. We feel very confident…..We don’t need to be on the court today (no practice on Wednesday). This is a day to get refreshed.”

This quote from Draymond Green, coming off a two game debacle in OKC in which he had half as many groin kicks (1) as made shots (2): "I've been the energy for this team and I have not been that. I think our energy goes as my energy goes, and I've been awful…At the end of the day I know I've got to be better in Game 5. It's all or nothing. We've put too much work in to go out like this.”

Of course, talk is talk; play is play. Pauly and Teddy explain how and why the Thunder’s two superstars have outplayed the Warriors Big 3 throughout the course of the series, and discuss whether Golden State can change that prevailing narrative this evening. This is one kick-ass Big Game Breakdown segment, and we encourage you to check it out – and to watch the whole show --  right here, right now.

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