Sixers vs. Knicks NBA Picks: How to Profit Off of Bad Teams

Charles Stark

Sunday, April 5, 2015 12:52 PM UTC

Sunday, Apr. 5, 2015 12:52 PM UTC

Look for more points than the NBA odds makers expect when the Philadelphia Sixers visit the New York Knicks in the least anticipated game of the day.  Read more here and take the over with confidence.

Philadelphia Sixers & New York Knicks On the Year
I will keep this brief, they are bad, the end…

I kid of course (kind of).  It has been a really rough campaign for both teams this season, they just simply did not get anything going throughout the year.  The Sixers were in danger of setting the most losses in a row record, and the Knicks were an absolute disaster after Melo went down.  Scoring wise they are the two lowest in the NBA for the year.  If we simply go off of that, 91.6 per game for Philadelphia and 91.8 per game for New York we have a really low number at around 182.  The NBA odds makers have seen fit to set this line though at 189, which makes me pause for a bit and take a second look.  This game is the meaningless championship, but that is only as far as the league goes, as far as the sports market goes this line is set this “high” for a reason.


Pace and Space Versus the Triangle and Defensive Woes
Philadelphia tries to pattern itself a bit off of the Spurs famous offensive clockwork, Brett Brown being a former assistant in San Antonio.  The Knicks of course are trying to do things the Phil Jackson way and his famous triangle offense.  This is just a footnote though, neither teams have the horses to run things the way they are supposed to be run, as well, neither team plays very good defense which should help our over call today.  Defensively on the year the Sixers are allowing just below 45% from the field, the Knicks have been worse at 46%.  From beyond the arc, again both teams are not very solid defensively, while the Sixers are in ranked in the middle of the field in the NBA, the Knicks are worst at defending the three allowing opponents to shoot 38.6% from distance.  On the other end, as mentioned both teams are pretty bad putting the ball in the hoop, but the Sixers do like to shoot the three and are ranked seventh in the league in three’s attempted.  Strangely enough as well, the Sixers are also ranked tied with San Antonio for three’s made per game at 8.4 per contest on the year (ranked 11th).


Recent Play Applies
Recently both teams have been a bit more efficient from the floor.  In the last three games both teams have made more three’s than they normally average and Philadelphia is averaging 98 points a game in that time span.  New York in the last three games is below their season average but they just got done playing three tough defensive teams in the Bulls, Nets, and Wizards.  Defensively in the last three games both teams have been worse than their yearly average on that end with both allowing about 49% from the field.  As well in this past week both teams are allowing their opponent to get to the basket at will.  In the past three games the Sixers have allowed 103.7 per game while the Knicks have allowed 104, it looks to me in this game neither team will be looking to slow the other down.

When all is said and done these teams should be relieved to face one another and just go out and try and put on a show for the fans.  I doubt we are going to get into any grind out defensive battle.  The Sixers will try to push the pace and I think the Knicks will be happy come along for the ride.  Being that neither team plays any real defense we should see this game go well over the number.  Take the over for your NBA picks.

NBA Picks: Philadelphia/New York over 185.5 at Pinnacle

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