Rumors Suggesting a Fultz-Ball-Tatum 1-2-3 Order For 2017 NBA Draft - Prop Betting

Kevin Stott

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 6:48 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 21, 2017 6:48 PM UTC

The Celtics traded their #1 pick in Thursday’s Draft to the 76ers for Philadelphia’s #3, knowing they could get either Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum. Let’s look at the latest Prop odds from offshore sportsbook BetOnline and offering some fresh opinions and picks two days out.

Latest Rumors Have Duke’s Jayson Tatum Going at No. 3 Pick to Boston Celtics

The 2017 NBA Draft is set to take place Thursday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn (ESPN, 7 pm. ET) and sportsbooks Offshore and in Nevada have both really done a great job of maximizing this burgeoning marketplace, with the Nevada Gaming Commission granting approval to NBA Draft Props betting )as well as the NBA Finals MVP). The latest news and rumors on the NBA Draft this Tuesday afternoon are that the Celtics have traded their No. 1 pick to Philadelphia, with the 76ers expected to take Washington G Markelle Fultz with Boston getting the No. 3 pick and either Philadelphia’s 2018 or 2019 Round 1 pick. Rumored to be coveted by the Cavaliers, the latest reports suggest Jimmy Butler wants to stay with Chicago, meaning Pacers F Paul George may become a more sought after commodity and rumors of the Cavaliers trading F Kevin Love have surfaced as LeBron James and the Cavaliers work to do everything possible to build a Roster which can compete with Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the defending champion Golden State Warriors (-170 to win 2018 NBA Finals, Heritage).

The expected 1-2-3 order of this NBA Draft has almost been etched in stone (1—Fultz, 2—Ball, 3—Jackson -170, Field +130, BetOnline) but with Boston GM Danny Ainge possibly turned off by reports Kansas’s Josh Jackson reportedly wouldn't work out for the C's unless guaranteed he would be their choice, opening up the possibility Boston takes Duke’s Jayson Tatum at No. 3—something we tabbed here at Sportsbook Review two weeks ago. The Celtics are also reportedly interested in the Knicks Kristaps Porzingis, and should GM Ainge (pictured below) somehow trade for Porzingis, draft Tatum at No. 3, snag Gonzaga Gt Nigel Williams-Goss, then maybe it will be the Celtics we’re all talking about as the team for the Future from the Eastern Conference and not the Cavaliers. Ainge has already improved Boston’s stock and made Head Coach Brad Stevens life easier by adding the 76ers 2018 or 2019 Round 1 pick to their already rich, Kelly Green future holdings.

One thing that does seem certain: UCLA G Lonzo Ball will likely be chosen No. 2 by Magic Johnson and the Lakers (Lakers -2400, Any Other Team +980, BetOnline). Spokesman for offshore BetOnline Scott Cooley said his sportsbook originally opened the 6-6, 190-pound Chino Hills, California product to get taken by Los Angeles at -335. “Within hours, the odds had ballooned to -700 and following the trade of D’Angelo Russell [to the Brooklyn Nets], the odds are now -2,400,” Cooley said.

Here are some of the latest NBA Draft props odds to be released by BetOnline, which converts Bitcoin to USD.

 2017 NBA Draft Props Odds—(June 21, BetOnline)


Lonzo Ball Assists Per Game Average 2017-18 Regular Season

Over 4.5 -250, Under 4.5 +190


Lonzo Ball Points Per Game Average 2017-18 Regular Season

Over 10.5 -115, Under 10.5 -115


Markelle Fultz Assists Per Game Average 2017-18 Regular Season

Over 2.5 +100, Under 2.5 -130


Markelle Fultz Points Per Game Average 2017-18 Regular Season

Over 12.5 -115, Under 12.5 -115


De’Aaron Fox Draft Position

Over 4.5 -135, Under 4.5 +105


Jayson Tatum Draft Position

Over 4.5 +155, Under 4.5 -200


Jonathan Isaac Draft Position

Over 5.5 -280, Under 5.5 +200


Lauri Markkanen Draft Position

Over 7.5 -150, Under 7.5 +120


Malik Monk Draft Position

Over 8 -110, Under 8 -120


Dennis Smith Draft Position

Over 8.5 -120, Under 8.5 -110


Frank Ntilikina Draft Position

Over 9.5 +125, Under 9.5 -155


Luke Kennard Draft Position

Over 12.5 +135, Under 12.5 -165


Harry Giles Draft Position

Over 15.5 -200, Under 15.5 +155


Justin Jackson Draft Position

Over 19.5 -105, Under 19.5 -125


Caleb Swanigan Draft Position

Over 32.5 -145, Under 32.5 +115


Josh Hart Draft Position

Over 39.5 +105, Under 39.5 -135


Sindarius Thornwell Draft Position

Over 47.5 +100, Under 47.5 -130


Frank Mason Draft Position

Over 48.5 +120, Under 48.5 -150


Number of Duke Players Drafted Round 1

Over 3.5 +130, Under 3.5 (-160)


Number of Kentucky Players Drafted Round 1

Over 2.5 -500, Under 2.5 +330


Number of UCLA Players Drafted Round 1

Over 2.5 -500, Under 2.5 +330


Number of North Carolina Players Drafted Round 1

Over 1.5 +115, Under 1.5 -145


Number of Kansas Players Drafted Overall

Over 1.5 -500, Under 1.5 +330


Number of Oregon Players Drafted Overall

Over 2.5 -375, Under 2.5 +255


Number of Guards Drafted Round 1

Over 10.5 +120, Under 10.5 -150


Number of Point Guards Drafted Top 10

Over 4.5 -210, Under 4.5 +165


Number of Freshmen Drafted Round 1

Over 16.5 +115, Under 16.5 -145


Number of Juniors Drafted Round 1

Over 2.5 +105, Under 2.5 -135


Number of Seniors Drafted Round 1

Over 0.5 -150, Under 0.5 +120


Number of Sophomores Drafted Round 1

Over 6.5 -105, Under 6.5 -125


Number of Internationals Drafted Round 1

Over 4 +130, Under 4 -160


First International Player Selected

Frank Ntilikina -2,900, Field (any other player) +900


Round of Selection for Jordan Bell

Round 1 -145, Round 2 +115


Will Nigel Williams-Goss be drafted?

Yes -150, No +120


2017 NBA DRAFT PROPS PICKS: Order of Top 3 Picks “Field” +130, Tatum Under Pick 4.5 -200Best Line Offered: at BetOnline
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