Place NBA Picks on 'Under' for Boston Celtics Season Win Total

Joe Catalano

Monday, October 13, 2014 7:30 PM UTC

Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 7:30 PM UTC

With an expected win total of just 27 by the odds makers, not much can be expected from the Boston Celtics in the 2014-2015 NBA season. A lot depends on the play of point guard Rajon Rondo.

Not a Happy Camper?
We have to remember that Rajon Rondo is a player that has won a championship with the Celtics in 2008, but that club has broken up. Now, Rondo is the elder-statesmen at just 28 years of age. A couple of seasons ago, Rondo elevated his game and became one of the best point guards in the game, but injuries got involved and his career is in a rebuilding process in itself.

Rondo has stated that he would like to go elsewhere, but for now, he remains a Celtic and will be a huge part of this season if he remains healthy. This is a player that doesn't have the greatest outside shot, but makes others around him better and there's nobody in the NBA with more desire, toughness, and a higher basketball I.Q. than Rajon Rondo. Look for Rondo to play well this season with his ears out widely, looking to transfer to a better basketball squad.


Time To Step Up!
Forwards Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger will continue to take a lead role where scoring is concerned. Both players have talent, but can be consistent at times. Green has the potential to be a 20 point scorer in the NBA, but has been hovering around the 17 point per game mark due to inconsistency. One game he'll give the Celts 25 points and the next game he might struggle to reach double figures. I wouldn't expect any more than the 17 points and 5 rebounds that Green has been giving the Celtics, but if you remember, her was traded for Kendrick Perkins. Where the trade is concerned, the Celtics got the better player in Jeff Green.

Where Jared Sullinger is concerned, potential is a key word because he's still very young and has been a fairly decent player in the NBA where power forwards are concerned. If he can raise his game this season, the Celtics will eclipse the 27 win mark. Sullinger is a very athletic big man and has the potential to be a double-double player. He's definitely someone that Boston would like to see blossom and can either hold onto him or use him as trade bait.

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The Marcus Brothers
Boston happens to have two backup guard with the name Marcus; Marcus Thornton and Marcus Smart. They're not blood related but can really have an effect on in the Celtics backcourt.

Marcus Thornton is a 10 point per game career player who previously play with the Sacramento Kings and in my opinion, they didn't use him properly.

Thornton is capable of putting up numbers and can keep a team in a game with his energy. Just recently, I witnessed Thornton score 3 consecutive baskets against the New York Knicks in a preseason game in a span of 45 seconds. We'll have to see if Boston uses Thornton properly because he has moments where he can tear the net apart.

Marcus Smart on the other hand, is someone that the Celtics hope will exceed expectations. He's has a great basketball body at 6 foot 4, 220 pounds. This is a player that's coming out of college with similar expectations to Dwayne Wade. There are very few Dwayne Wades in this world and the Celtics are just hoping for a bigtime contributor to a team that needs help. Smart can basically do it all as a point guard. He can score, rebound, and pass the ball efficiently. I expect him to leap into the starting rotation and be a star in this league. The problem for Boston is that it might take more than 1 season for him to make an impact.

With Kelly Olynyk at center, the Celtics have a very serviceable player that came from a good school in Gonzaga and can be an established starter in this league. This would be a great time for Olynyk, who is capable of being a double figure scorer and decent rebounder, to take the next step and mature a bit. He'll never be Patrick Ewing, but Boston has to be content with Olynyk after his rookie season.


I could see the Celtics eclipsing the 27 win mark, but the problem is that this league is very competitive with established players and players coming out of college early. They should be right around the 27 win mark. That said, my NBA pick suggests you to take the 'under.' The total was installed at such a low total for a reason.

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