Pick Wiggins as NBA Rookie of the Year at 6-1 Odds

Swinging Johnson

Monday, August 4, 2014 5:34 AM UTC

Monday, Aug. 4, 2014 5:34 AM UTC

Cleveland’s number one pick in the 2014 NBA draft Andrew Wiggins is officially signed but trade rumors abound with him being shipped to Minnesota for Kevin Love.  How will this deal affect the NBA odds for each team?

Just Want to be Wanted
Andrew Wiggins was the biggest catch in this season’s NBA draft but his tenure with the team that drafted him may be short-lived. Cleveland has gone all-in for a championship season, nay even dynasty, after getting prodigal son LeBron James back into the fold. With a slew of young talent the Cavaliers realize they need another superstar to complement the King and nothing would please them more than getting an All-Star veteran with plenty of miles left on the tread. Kevin Love fits that profile perfectly for he is a mere 25-years-old and willing to sign a long term deal if he is dealt to Cleveland. What could be better for a sports city better known as a dead end rather than a super highway? 

Wiggins is taking this all in good stride for a young man who is accustomed to be sought after rather than discarded. Wiggins recently had this to say after signing his contract with the Cavs on July 24th which makes him eligible to be traded after 30 days.

"I just want to play for a team that wants me. So whichever team wants me I'll play for," he told ESPN's SportsCenter, during a photo shoot for NBA trading cards.

Wiggins understands that the high stakes trade talks are nothing “personal” and is ready to go about his business once the season starts in whatever uniform he wears.

"At the end of the day you have to remember that the NBA is a business before anything. I'm a rookie. I really don't have too much say," he said.


NBA Odds Shifter
With or without Kevin Love, the Minnesota Timberwolves are going to be just another club in the rebuilding phase. The problem with retooling year after year is that those draft picks whom the team has nurtured into superstars are reluctant to buy into a long term commitment once their rookie contract expires. Twenty-something multi-millionaires are not likely to stick around for the good of the team. In the NBA of the 21st century it’s all about getting rings and the quickest way to do that is choosing your destination rather than the destination choosing you. And so it goes that Minnesota will have another young gun blossoming into a bona fide superstar if they’re lucky…just like the one they’re trading in Kevin Love.

Therefore, the NBA odds on the T’Wolves will only plummet with the exodus of Love and currently they are installed as 20-1 to win the Northwest Division, 100-1 to win the Western Conference and as high as 250-1 to win the NBA championship. 

But if you want a more reasonable proposition as part of your NBA picks might I suggest wagering a few bucks on Andrew Wiggins as Rookie of the Year currently being dealt by Ladbrokes.com at 6-1. Wiggins will have even more opportunity to shine in an environment that will be devoid of standout players if he is indeed dealt to Minnesota.

As for the Cavaliers, getting Love on their team will undoubtedly separate them even more from the pack. It’s kind of like ordering Veal Oscar.  You’ve got this gorgeous milk-fed veal on your plate but then it becomes even more sinfully indulgent when topped with a succulent and savory addition of crabmeat. Overkill? You bet it is but whoever Oscar is (Sweden’s King Oscar II to be precise) certainly had an appetite for the finer things in life. Love will be the crabmeat to LeBron’s medallions of veal and Cavaliers fans are passionately anticipating the possibility. 

If this does come to fruition, expect that the NBA odds of Cleveland as -110 favorites to win the Central to be even lower as will the +190 to win the East and the +450 to win the NBA championship that is currently being dealt at WilliamHill.com.

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