Offense & Forced Shots Under Luke Walton Reportedly 'Discouraged' LeBron James

Offense & Forced Shots Under Luke Walton Reportedly 'Discouraged' LeBron James

Now that the Lakers announced Frank Vogel as their new head coach, some look back at what the team was like last season and according to Joe Vardon of The Athletic, Luke Walton’s offense lacked structure, which forced shots and left LeBron James ‘discouraged.’

“Walton explicitly did not set up the Lakers’ offense this way. In Walton’s offense, any of four ballhandlers on the court could get it and go. If the ball made it to LeBron’s hands, great. If not, so be it. LeBron took over the offense on his own, but there was no “structure.” He didn’t love it. Sources close to LeBron said that the lack of structure on offense, and the bad, forced shots some of his younger teammates took, discouraged him.”

At his introductory press conference, Vogel explained what his scheme for LeBron James would be: “generally, we are looking to bring more structure to what we’re doing.”

Lakers reporter Mike Trudell explained that Vogel’s plan for his new team involves the 3-point line and analytics.

“Asked Frank Vogel if his approach has evolved from Indiana days through Orlando: “There’s been a major evolution stylistically about the way I want to play.” He cited analytics and the 3-point line as changes; still believes defending inside at the rim to out is key.”

It will be interesting to see how the Lakers rebuild their roster. There are still plenty of questions regarding who will stay, who will go and who will sign with them but having more structure will likely please LeBron James. Jazz Sports has the Lakers at +1700 betting odds to win the NBA Championship next season.

Odds to Win the 2019-20 NBA Championship
(Courtesy of Jazz Sports)

Golden State Warriors +180

Milwaukee Bucks +325

Boston Celtics +600

Houston Rockets +850

Philadelphia 76ers +900

Los Angeles Clippers +1500

New York Knicks +1500

Los Angeles Lakers +1700

Toronto Raptors +1700

Oklahoma City Thunder +2000

Denver Nuggets +2000

Brooklyn Nets +2500

Portland Trail Blazers +3500

Utah Jazz +3500

Dallas Mavericks +4500

San Antonio Spurs +5250

Indiana Pacers +7250

Orlando Magic +8000

Atlanta Hawks +8000

Chicago Bulls +8000

Sacramento Kings +8000

Charlotte Hornets +25000

Cleveland Cavaliers +25000

Detroit Pistons +25000

Memphis Grizzlies +25000

Miami Heat +25000

Minnesota Timberwolves +25000

New Orleans Pelicans +25000

Phoenix Suns +25000

Washington Wizards +25000