Notable Future Odds Movers from Start of Season to All-Star Break

Jordan Sharp

Monday, February 19, 2018 3:17 PM UTC

Monday, Feb. 19, 2018 3:17 PM UTC

A lot has changed since the start of the season when it comes to the biggest movers and shakers in the NBA future odds to win a title.  These odds can all be found at William Hill and dates of the numbers are from the start of the year to their current numbers. 

Cleveland Cavaliers (+500 to +700)

Not only have the Cleveland Cavaliers moved a lot this season, but right before the trade deadline Cleveland was as high as +800 from Will Hill and now have settled back down after their in-season trades.

The moves to bring in their four new players not only made this team younger, but the Cavs got better on defense and are now awash with strong three-point shooting. Once Kevin Love comes back from injury, the Cavs are now the unquestioned leaders in the East and the favorites to return to the NBA Finals.

While their NBA Championship Odds didn’t move much with their trade, they went from +120 to +100 at Will Hill in their Eastern Conference Championship Odds. If they continue to improve with this new group, look for their odds to continue to shorten, maybe even back to less than even money to win the East. The All-Star Break may be the last time you get those odds.

Houston Rockets (+1000 to +600)

Coming into the season, everyone knew the Rockets were going to be good. I’m surprised they didn’t make any deals coming off a very active trade deadline in 2017 (they did add Joe Johnson and Brandan Wright in the waivers market), but either way this is the best chance a team has of beating the Warriors this season outside of Cleveland.

The Rockets’ offensive weapons are almost as deep as the Warriors, and they also have some strong interior defense. If they get to the Western Conference Finals and can knock down shots from distance, they could upset the Warriors.

However, the odds of that happening are still pretty long. Houston’s Western Conference Championship Odds are currently +400, but they are also the closest to Golden State by a lot in those future odds. The next-highest West team in those futures is the Spurs at +1200.

San Antonio Spurs (+1200 to +2000)

Watching the Spurs this season is a bit depressing, because the reason they aren’t higher in their NBA Championship and Western Conference future odds is the health and general uncertainty around Kawhi Leonard.

The team doesn’t seem to know when he’ll be back, and the biggest concern is they brought him back, he looked good, but then he went down again and it’s unknown when he’ll return this time.

If Leonard can come back strong and healthy sometime before the playoffs, the Spurs are always going to be a tough out. But right now you get the feeling that without Leonard, the Spurs are a first-round out.

Toronto Raptors (+6600 to +1600)

By far the biggest mover of any team in the NBA this season when it comes to championship odds are the Toronto Raptors. With a world-class offense, strong defense, and a good home-court advantage, it appears that the Raptors may be a team most of us were sleeping on to start the season.

Now, some of their skyrocketing up the future odds has been the struggling of Cleveland, so it will be interesting to see if they settle some after their Bitcoin-like rise up the future odds.

However, while they are a nice story, and one of the more undervalued teams in the NBA this year, it’s tough to see the Raptors as a worthwhile future odds wager. With the Cavaliers reloaded, they are going to be hard-pressed to beat LeBron James, and even if they did it would be damn near impossible to compete with what should be the Warriors out of the West.

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