Houston Rockets Look The Best Option For A Championship Bid

Houston Rockets Look The Best Option For A Championship Bid

One look at the NBA Futures market reveals one glaring obvious: Golden State Warriors are the short odds on favourites in every category to return to the finals. In Western Conference Futures markets mainly, the Warriors are priced at -300 to win their section of the field with BetOnline.

What is worth noting here, the interesting aspect in the current NBA market, is that no other team is trading in minus-money at this point in time. This includes both the Eastern and Western Conference field hopefuls. That is telling.

Here is a snapshot of the current market courtesy of BetOnline Sportsbook, as of April 8, 2019.

  • Golden State Warriors -300
  • Houston Rockets +500
  • Denver Nuggets +1000
  • Oklahoma Thunder +2000
  • Utah Jazz +2000
  • Portland Trailblazers +4000
  • Los Angeles Clippers +5000
  • San Antonio Spurs +5000

Undoubtedly, there are tons of teams that look really good in this mix. Houston Rockets are on a tear behind a six-game winning streak in the lead up to the playoffs, one win better than the Warriors as far as current form goes. But they’re sat pretty way behind the Warriors on the NBA odds board as the +500 bet. Then the Nuggets and Thunder and the rest of the pack are hovering in four-digit obscurity.

Experts and bettors alike seem to find it hard to believe anybody in this field can give the Warriors a run for their money. Is it really, true? What if somebody can. These are really tempting odds and begging it at least a small wager here and there.

The Warriors have built a dynasty in the game. There’s a lot to be said about experience as well when it comes to winning championships. Nevertheless, we must think outside of the box otherwise it won’t be fun postseason at all, and there are a few teams that could potentially rise to the occasion.

Most will bet on the Golden State Warriors because their championship credentials speak volumes, it is one reason why they are in minus-money. They are the popular bet and bookies are in the business of making money.

That is no reason to ignore the rest of the field though, is it? We should consider tickling a few side bets as well. If only to cover the bases.

Arguably, the best choices in the mix include the Houston Rockets, Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder.

What about the Rockets, Nuggets and Thunder aside from strike a tempting pose as the +500, +1000 and +2000, respectively? The value in the odds aside, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility they would go deep in the playoffs. There is a lot to recommend one or the other reaching the Western Conference final game and, potentially, pulling off the unthinkable – beating the Warriors (this assumes all goes to plan and the Warriors reach the Western final).

Now, this isn’t a recommendation to buy Rockets or Nuggets as the ultimate champion – although anything could technically happen. It’s merely a bet to win the Western Conference finals and go to the Championship game. Of the three, Houston, perhaps, looks the best built for a Championship bid. You can’t say it is impossible for Houston to get there should things fall their way. Can you?