NBA Season Restart Props at BetOnline

NBA Season Restart Props at BetOnline
The Brooklyn Nets stands together. Elsa/Getty Images/AFP

BetOnline has a ton of great props that you can get action on right now for the restart of the NBA season. In this article, we will take a look at a few that we think have some value. With BetOnline’s props, you can bet on everything from who you think will win the title to which team will grab that 8th and final seed in both conferences.

Brooklyn Nets to Be the 8th Seed in the East

I wrote about how bad I think the Brooklyn Nets will be when play resumes and which is why I think this wager has value. I’m very tempted to take the Wizards at +750 to be the 8th seed but they’re 5.5 games back with only 8 games to play. I’m taking the Nets at -150 to be the 8th seed because I think there is a 100% chance that Orlando who is 0.5 games back finishes with more wins than Brooklyn. We know the Magic want to avoid the Bucks at all costs and will do their best to move up in the standings.

The Nets meanwhile have nothing to play for and I believe they have absolutely no interest in being a playoff team if that were possible. The Wizards’ second game of the NBA restart is against the Nets and the outcome of that contest will tell us a lot about both team’s intentions. Washington plays Phoenix, Brooklyn, Indiana, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, and Boston. Like I mentioned earlier, I really want to take the Wizards to take the 8th seed but it’s just not realistic unless Nets pull the ultimate tank job. As bad as I think the Nets might be at the restart, Washington has 24 wins all year and they need at least 6 this month to have a chance at the 8th seed. That’s not going to happen.

The fact that Brooklyn plays Orlando twice has me convinced that the best the Nets can do is finish in the 8th spot. Remember that on top of all of the injury issues and guys missing time due to Covid-19 (Dinwiddie and Jordan have both tested positive), this team also fired their coach a day after beating the Spurs by 19 points while having a winning record. Nothing that Brooklyn has done in the last few months shows that this is an organization focused on being good this year. I like the Nets at -150 to finish in the 8th seed.

Nets to be #8 seed-150
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Memphis Grizzlies
Jaren Jackson Jr. #13 and Ja Morant #12 of the Memphis Grizzlies. Brandon Dill/Getty Images/AFP

The 9th Seed to Win the Play in Tournament

Before I go into why I like this wager, let’s look at how the play-in tournament would work. If the 8th seed is less than 4.5 games ahead of the 9th seed after the 8 regular-season games have been played, then those two teams would face off in a play-in tournament. The tournament would be a best of 2 series where the 9th seed would have to win two head-to-head games to take over the number 8 spot. As things stand right now, the Memphis Grizzlies are in 8th with a 3.5 game lead over the Portland Trail Blazers and the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Spurs are right in the mix as well since they trail Memphis by 4 games. I don’t have a prediction as to who will win the 8th seed although Memphis would need everything to go wrong not to hold on to it. I do however feel like there will be a play-in tournament. Whoever ends up in that 8th spot will have a hard time separating themselves from the chasing pack by 4 games. Memphis is the only team that can realistically do it and I’m not sure it’ll be that straightforward for them.

All of the pressure is on the Grizzlies in this scenario and we don’t know how such a young team will respond to that. You also have to take into account how hungry the chasing pack is. The Blazers and Spurs have tons of playoff experience. The Pelicans have been clicking on all cylinders since Zion Williamson came back from injury. The PeIicans are very similar to Memphis, an up and coming team that will be hungry to have the spotlight of the NBA playoffs on them.

I like the 9th seed to lose in the playoff tournament at +110. While I do think the chasing pack will keep it close and force the play-in scenario, I think that it will be hard for whoever does finish in 9th to win back to back games and get in.

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