NBA Picks for the Chicago Bulls Regular Season Win Total

David Lawrence

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 5:50 PM UTC

Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 5:50 PM UTC

The Chicago Bulls are excited about what they have going for the new season. They have Derrick Rose back, and they brought aboard Pau Gasol, and they have other new faces to add into the mix. Their regular season win total shows 55 on the NBA odds.

2014-15 Regular Season Total: 55

Why the Bulls Will Go Over the Number
They have a great team as long as it can stay healthy. No one would doubt that Chicago can contend for a title and win a lot of regular season games if it isn’t bitten by bad injury luck. Derrick Rose has missed almost all of the past two seasons with injuries. He has built back his body to the point that he was able to play for the American national team in the FIBA World Cup of Basketball, but an 82-game regular season is going to be a whole separate matter and a much larger order of difficulty for him. However, if his body really can hold up under the strain of the experience, the Bulls will have the initiator of the offense they need. Rose can not only drive to the basket and generate his own offense. He usually does get to the rim. He is powerful near the goal. He finishes plays. He absorbs contact. He will draw defenses and then pass the ball to the perimeter to teammates that can knock down shots, such as Nikola Mirotic, who hit several threes in the Bulls’ preseason game on Monday night, Oct. 6. Rose gives Chicago the high-impact offensive player that is missing in so many other areas. The Bulls withered on the vine on offense last season, finishing twenty-fourth in three-point shooting percentage and twenty-sixth in three-point shots made. This team was dead last in field goals made and dead last in two-point shooting percentage. All of these placements in the NBA from last season are going to rise at least five to eight spots, and very possibly 10 to 15 spots, if Rose is healthy for the whole year. Pau Gasol’s arrival will help this team near the basket, too.


Why the Bulls Will Stay Under the Number
There is the simple and obvious doubt that Rose will be able to get through the season unharmed. Rose is playing for a head coach, Tom Thibodeau, who is noted for riding his players really hard. Thibodeau played Rose late in a playoff game in the 2012 season against the Philadelphia 76ers in which the Bulls led by 12 points with roughly one minute left. Thibodeau was reticent about taking Rose out of the game when it should have been an easy call. Thibodeau doesn’t know how to show restraint with his main players, and this was a big reason why the Bulls ran out of gas and played sluggish basketball against the younger and fresher Washington Wizards in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Chicago’s bad offensive and shooting numbers, mentioned above, might not wind up improving that much if Rose breaks down at any point in the season.

There are too many doubts about Rose to take over here with your NBA picks. Chicago might win around 50 games in the East.

NBA Pick: Under 55

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