NBA Picks: Slam Dunk Competition Picks

Joe Catalano

Thursday, February 14, 2013 7:25 PM UTC

Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013 7:25 PM UTC

Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk. It’s the contest that Dr. J made famous, the Gatorade Slam Dunk Contest.  Are we ready for some high flying action in 2013’s edition?

Dunk School 101

This is the contest where Julius Erving took off from the foul line and delivered an emphatic slam. We’ve had Dr. J vs. Nance, Michael vs. Dominique, Cedric Ceballos with a blindfold, Dee Brown pumping up his kicks, Dwight Howard with his Superman cape, Vince Carter with his between the legs in mid-air and a tomahawking (best dunk ever), and Blake Griffin catching a ball through the sunroof of a car and dunking over the car. If I missed anyone, please forgive me.

When the dunk contest is right with a proper dunker, it can be the highlight of the night. If you have Nate Robinson getting 15 chances to perform the same dunk correctly, it becomes an epic fail. Let's see if we can pin down a NBA Pick for the Slam Dunk Contest.

Hold Up!!!

The rules have completely changed this year for the State Farm All Star Night Competition.

There will be 4 events: 2013 Sears Shooting Stars, 2013 Taco Bell Skills Challenge, 2013 Foot Locker 3 Point Contest, and 2013 Sprite Slam Dunk Competition.

  1. This is an East vs. West Competition
  2. The winning money goes to charity
  3. The Slam Dunk Competition holds the most importance in which the highest amount of points go to the winning conference.
  4. The Team Round is the 1st round in which 50 points are awarded to the conference with the highest total score and in the championship round, 55 points are awarded to the champion’s respective conference.
  5. After the 1st round, the dunkers with the highest scores move on to the championship round. Voting is done by the fans through text, Twitter, NBA.COM, and All-Star App (iTunes and Google Play)

The NBA has tried to spice things up and make things more interesting. This will undoubtedly put more pressure on the competitors, knowing that there’s a team depending on them.

Dunking For Dollars- List of Competitors and their NBA odds

James White (NYK) – 5/4

Terrence Ross (TOR)- 7/2

Gerald Green (IND)- 4/1

Eric Bledsoe (LAC)- 5/1

Jeremy Evans (UTA)- 8/1

Kenneth Faried (DEN)- 8/1

Now we all know if this came down to who can play ball, the Western Conference would win with 6 foot 1 Eric Bledsoe and Kenneth Faried, but this is all about dunking skills and creativity.

The Jury Is In!

In-Game Dunking

There is no question that if this was the criteria for the dunk contest, the lottery pick, Kenneth Faried, would steal the show with his power, ability to leg-lift, the dreads flying, and the infectious smile. Faried would be the man.

The Show, Not the Game

At 6 foot 1, for Eric Bledsoe to have any chance in this contest, he’ll need some help from a teammate. You can expect Bledsoe to be on the receiving end of a teammates toss and end it with a dunking twist. This could get people’s attention but, unless he comes up with something special, he’s not a contender.

If you’re into arm extensions and windmills, Terrence Ross is your man. He has an outside shot if the favorites falter.

Gerald Green has a unique style in which he likes to cock the basketball back for extra leverage. However, he’s very precise with dunks that he’s displayed off the shot glass. This is a dunker with perfect timing.

The You Tube King

Being that you’re not going to see a lot of James White at Madison Square Garden, you must take it to You Tube. White likes to use the Dr. J foul line dunk. Other than Erving, the best that I’ve seen do this dunk is Brent Barry. Yes, white men can jump. This dunk is getting quite old; If you’re going to use it, you must nail it!!!

White also likes to take it between the legs like Vince Carter, but nobody does it like VC.

I’ve Got the Power

People love to see power and this is where James White definitely has the edge. I happen to think Gerald Green is the best dunker in this competition, but I’m not voting.

The Bet

I’m going to make two picks. Take James White to win at 5/4 and back it up with Gerald Green with a lesser amount at 4/1. You want to make a profit on either.

Example: You take White for a C-Note (100 to win 125) and you would back it up with Green for 50 to win 200.

For Risk-takers:

100 to win  400 on Gerald Green. The choice is yours according to your method of betting.

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