NBA Picks: Rockets vs. Thunder Playoff Series Odds

Jordan Sharp

Friday, April 19, 2013 2:41 PM UTC

Friday, Apr. 19, 2013 2:41 PM UTC

In what could be a blowout, the Rockets head to the playoffs this season and into Oklahoma City to play the top seeded Thunder in the first round. Is there and value to be found with our NBA picks in this series?

The NBA Odds are out for both the series and Game 1 on Sunday night, so let’s take a look and see if there is any value to be found with our NBA picks on the series price, as well as Game 1.

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There are only two headlines of note here, and that’s James Harden’s return to OKC and the Thunder’s quest to return to the NBA Finals. Harden should put on a show, because there really isn’t much OKC can do to stop him. On the flip side however, I think the Thunder make somewhat quick work of the Rockets. I could see Houston winning one game at home in Games 3 or 4, but the Thunder are just too strong offensively and can shut down the Rockets for the most part when they have to.


It’s title or bust for the Thunder this year, and I think they are coming into these playoffs with the same mentality. It did good for the Heat last season after losing to Dallas in 2011, but it’s a bit different for the Thunder considering they are in the much tougher conference and still would almost certainly have to go through Miami if they make it that far. I’ll be honest, I do think we could see a rematch, but the West is pretty wild.


This was a good step for a very young team, and getting a taste of the playoffs will do them wonders in the long run. Houston is one more star away from being a contender out West, and they can prove some people wrong in this situation. While I still expect them to lose, this playoff series is going to help them a lot more two or three years down the road than it is for this or next season. 

The Odds 

Oklahoma City is a giant -2100 favorite over the Rockets in the NBA Series Odds prices, as Houston sits as being a +1300 underdog. The Game 1 NBA Odds favor OKC again at -10 with a total of 212 ½.

The Sharp Pick 

Once again, I think the series price for this matchup holds little value for our sports picks. The total in Game 1 has some appeal, but then again the Thunder could lock down defensively. I think a value bet on the over is the only value poking its head out right now for this series.
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