NBA Picks: NBA Finals Game 6 Prop Betting Options

Joe Catalano

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 3:39 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2013 3:39 PM UTC

Lebron James and the Miami Heat return to South Beach in dire need of winning game 6 extend the series to Game 7. There are various props betting options on the table, and it’s a good time to take a look at which ones hold the most promise for our NBA picks tonight.

We have hunted down some of the more appealing options on offer from multiple sportsbooks, so let’s decide who has the best value on offer.

Who Will Be NBA Finals MVP

Lebron James – 5/6

Danny Green – 2/1

Tony Parker 7/2

Dwayne Wade -15/1

I actually find a bit of humor in this betting option because it goes to show that the sportsbooks are still backing the Heat to win the series.

James has a fairly strong series, but not a great one by his standards. It’s too bad that a losing team couldn’t have an MVP, as Danny Green has been the best player on the court.

A lot will be decided in the last 2 games, but if Miami wins both games and D.Wade steps up, he could snag the MVP away from James at a nice 15/1 price. Wade would have to go big because the media storm will always follow Lebron.

If San Antonio wins the series, Danny Green will more than likely take away the MVP. He’s set records for 3 point shooting, and has carried this team on his back. Tony Parker has performed well, but with Green in the mix, he has no chance.

Bet: Lebron James 5/6 ( If either of these games were played in San Antonio, San Antonio would win and Danny Green would be MVP. Getting the best player on the planet at almost even NBA odds with 2 games to go is rather appealing)

If you think that Wade could have a huge game, you could back up the James bet with possibly 1/3 of the money that you put down on Lebron and put a small amount on Wade.

Team Bets

I must admit, there aren’t many great sports betting options in this field, but let’s see if we can find something worth backing with our sports picks.

Points Of Highest Scoring Player

Miami -4.5

San Antonio +4.5

The Heat need either James or Wade to go big in game 6, and I don’t see Danny Green having a huge game on the road. Although Tony Parker is a threat, he’s not a big-time scorer like James and Miami’s backs are against the wall.

Pick- Miami -4.5

Total 3 Point Field Goals Made

San Antonio -.5

Miami +.5

The easy part about this bet is the second that coach Gregg Popovich thinks that there will be a game 7, he’ll basically have his players “stop playing”. If this occurs, I can see Spoelstra, who is an inferior coach, try to “rub it in” by running up the score a bit and giving his players momentum into game 7.

We could see fireworks from James, Miller, Allen (big money shooter) and, possibly Mario Chalmers. If Miami needs to get back into this game, James will do a lot of driving but we could see a lot of 3-ball action if there’s a large deficit.

Miami +.5 (It’s their game to win or lose at home, where they’re a different team)

Small Betting Prop

Will There Be a Deficit of 16 points or greater?

Over -115

Under -115

I’m going to make this a small bet because my gut says that this will be a relatively close game. However, Coach Popovich doesn’t want to expend energy if the Heat are the apparent winners in this game. He’d be the 1st coach in the NBA to take out his starters.

I say that we see a battle and the lead will never reach 16 points.

Pick- Under -115 (small bets only)

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