NBA Picks: NBA Eastern Conference Power Rankings

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, January 24, 2013 4:31 PM UTC

Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 4:31 PM UTC

At the halfway point of the NBA season, here is where our NBA Power Rankings stand. Take this into consideration with making your sports picks for your upcoming NBA betting.

NBA Eastern Conference power rankings update

We have reached the halfway point in the NBA this season, and our power rankings aren’t moving as much as they were in the first half. However, there are several teams getting healthy right now, figuring things out or losing it all together. Let’s take another look at the East’s best teams, and see if any are sticking out more than others with the ability to beat the NBA odds that will be set against them.

  1. Miami Heat (27-12 SU, 19-20 ATS, 1st in East standings)

While it looks on the surface like the Heat won’t relinquish their number one seed or ranking, the gap is closing in the East, as four teams are now within three games of the Heat and the top spot. Miami is only 6-4 SU in their last ten games, while teams like Chicago and Brooklyn are starting to get hot and healthy. Although Miami will likely stay here for the season, there are now looking to be several teams worthy of taking them down.

  1. Chicago Bulls (up two spots, 25-16 SU, 16-25 ATS, 4th in East standings)

When compiling my list for this week, the number two spot was very much in question. As I said above, there are four teams right now that can call themselves the 2nd best team in the East. However, Chicago is playing outstanding basketball right now, and Derrick Rose is only a few weeks away from his return to the hard wood. Chicago was won seven of their last ten games, and with Rose back in the lineup, their team is head and shoulders above everyone else in the East except Miami, and that is a fact.

  1. New York Knicks (25-14 SU, 21-18 ATS, 2nd in East standings)

Like the Bulls, the Knicks are just waiting for health, and when that happens, they will likely tied with the Bulls for the 2nd best in the East label. New York’s big thing is health and defense, and if those two things can hold up through a long 82-game season, they could upset anyone in the NBA. The problem with the Knicks this season is their defense and health has started to come and go very liberally. Once Raymond Felton gets back into action, New York will be much better, but unless they are fully healthy and have their entire bench at their disposal, they can’t beat Miami or a Rose-led Bulls team. They might not even be the best team in New York when healthy.

  1. Brooklyn Nets (up one spot, 26-16 SU, 20-20-2 ATS, 3rd in East standings

The surging Nets have gone up a spot since last week, and they have ascended to 3rd in the East standings currently. The reason they are still not higher than the Heat, Bulls or Knicks in my power rankings, is because even though the Nets have won nine of their last ten straight up, six of those nine wins were against below .500 teams. Plus, they only cracked 100 points in four of those games, and one was in overtime. Like the Knicks, if the Nets can keep up their defensive intensity, I think they have a shot, but this is a team that fired their head coach this season, so this could just be a hot streak that will end soon.They can't quite yet be counted on consistently to back for our NBA Picks.

  1. Indiana Pacers (down three spots, 26-17 SU, 22-21 ATS, 5th in East standings)
  2. Milwaukee Bucks (up two spots, 22-18 SU, 21-18-1 ATS, 7th in East standings)
  3. Boston Celtics (down one spot, 20-21 SU, 15-23-3 ATS, 8th in East standings)
  4. Atlanta Hawks (down one spot, 24-18 SU, 17-23-2 ATS, 6th in East standings

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