NBA Picks: NBA Championship Futures Odds Updated

PJ Laferla

Friday, February 15, 2013 2:18 PM UTC

Friday, Feb. 15, 2013 2:18 PM UTC

As we approach the All-Star break, let’s take a look at the top five teams in the NBA and their odds to win the championship this season.

Updated NBA Championship Odds Heading Into The Break

Miami Heat: 2/1

It is hard to imagine LeBron James topping his performance from last season, but he is doing just that; and the Miami Heat are looking more and more like a team destined to repeat as NBA Champions.

The Heat own the best straight up record in the Eastern Conference, with 36 wins and only 14 losses heading into the All-Star break.

They lead the league in field goal percentage, shooting a stellar 49.3% from the floor and averaging just over 103 points per game (103.2), which is good enough for fifth best in the NBA.

As we all know, there are some powerhouses in the Western Conference, but the NBA Championship with run through the Miami Heat once again this season.

Oklahoma City Thunder: 13/4

All season long, the OKC Thunder seem to be playing with a chip on their shoulder, blowing out opponents night in and night out in their quest to win the championship this season after falling short during the 2012 campaign.

However, when they really had a chance to make a statement, they suffered a blowout loss of their own at the hands of the Miami Heat less than 24 hours ago.

So, the question remains is OKC mentally tough enough to win it all? How far can they go for their backers and their NBA betting?

With the top ranked offense in the NBA and a mediocre defense, I say yes! They are still very young and athletic and have the pieces on their squad to make another serious run at the championship this year.

San Antonio Spurs: 13/2

What else is new? The Spurs own the best record in the NBA heading into the All-Star break with 42 wins compared to just 12 losses.

San Antonio has once again managed to stay under the radar as they continue to dominate the league.

They feature a well-balanced team that ranks fourth on offense (104.2 ppg) and ninth on defense (95.8), but yet they don’t seem to get the recognition as a serious threat to win the NBA Championship.

They are an old team that may run out of gas once the postseason arrives, so for that reason many experts believe Tim Duncan will lose out on winning one more championship before he makes his exit out of the NBA.

Los Angeles Clippers: 13/2

The Clippers are definitely a team on the rise, but do they have the experience to make a run at the title this year?

While the Clippers are one of the more flamboyant teams in the NBA, it is difficult to think they can beat the Thunder or Spurs in a seven-game series to win the West; and even if they accomplished that feat, they still need to beat Miami in a seven-game series, which is not going to happen…not this year anyway.

The Clippers are no longer a doormat in this league and that in itself is a major accomplishment for a franchise that has a history of losing, but they are still a year or two away from winning a championship and becoming the elite of the NBA.

New York Knicks: 12/1

The Knicks surprised many of us this season and while they look like one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, they don’t have enough to get past the Miami Heat.

New York is not worth the investment at 12/1 betting odds, because they won’t even win the Eastern Conference this year.

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