NBA Picks: Miami Heat Team Update & Futures Odds

Jordan Sharp

Friday, August 16, 2013 8:35 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 16, 2013 8:35 PM UTC

After their second NBA Title in a row, the Heat have been doing everything they can to keep their championship team together.

Miami Heat offseason transactions update

They are of course once again the favorites in the NBA Odds to win the title for a third year in a row, but they have not been able to keep everyone from a season ago. Unfortunately, they look to be even better this season, so let’s take a brief look at some of the key subtractions and additions for the champs. 


The Heat were without a first round draft pick this season, but they were able to trade into the 2nd round and snag SF James Ennis from Long beach State, while he will be hard pressed to make the team, the Heat need to start stashing picks if their worst-case scenario hits next season.

They still have their 1st round pick this season, but will be without one next season due to the Lebron James sign and trade, and if for some crazy reason the Sixers make the playoffs (that’s not happening) The Heat get their first round pick. Other than that, the draft has not been a point of focus for the Heat. 

Free agency

The Heat made to huge additions this offseason, and neither of them cost more than the veteran minimum. First they resigned Chris ‘Birdman’ Anderson to a $1.7 million deal. He was huge for the Heat down the stretch and in the playoffs, coming in off the bench as the first big man. He is still getting paid by the Nuggets as well, so it’s not as if he took a major discount to sign with the Heat. I expect his presence to be big once again defensively for the Heat this upcoming season.

The next move they made could even be bigger than that, because for the low price of only $900K, the Heat were able to sign Greg Oden. If Oden can actually get on the court to play this season, I’m not sure if anyone will be able to beat Miami, especially if he is able to play 20 minutes a game and close to his old self.

Oden would give the Heat something they have never had, a low post scoring threat. Chris Bosh is far from a post up big man, and if you think about it, Lebron James is probably their best offensive and defensive post threat. Oden might change that, and add to the Heat’s biggest need; post defense. 


However, it hasn’t all been roses for the Heat this offseason. Faced with a huge 8-figure luxury tax bill, the Heat had to shed some payroll. They looked at their roster, and the $12.8 million over the next two seasons for Mike Miller was deemed too much. Miller was amnestied and signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. 

Even though Miller was huge for the Heat, Miami also has Shane Battier on the roster, and Miller’s services might have been considered a luxury that they could have done without. Either way, the loss of Miller won’t hurt too much. The Heat are still the odds on favorites to win the NBA Title for our NBA picks. At +200, and especially if Oden can contribute, that may be a bargain. 

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