NBA Picks: Los Angeles Clippers 2013-14 Betting Preview

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, October 17, 2013 7:23 PM UTC

Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013 7:23 PM UTC

We go out west to the bright lights of Los Angeles and preview the 2013-2014 Los Angeles Clippers and see if CP3, Blake Griffin and company have what it takes to be a championship contender.

The Futures

5 Dimes Sportsbook lists the Clippers at +1000 which is the 4th best team to win the NBA Title. This is a team that has added pieces to the puzzles with head coach Glenn” Doc” Rivers, J.J. Redick, Antawn Jamison, and rookie Reggie Bullock. My question is with DeAndre Jordan at center, does this team have a chance against centers like Tim Duncan and Dwight Howard? Jordan will provide the Clippers with a lot of ferocity on the defensive end, but he’s not a championship caliber center.

Has He Peaked Too Early?

We all know what Blake Griffin can do on a basketball court, but it’s either a matter of has he peaked too early, is Griffin overrated, or has he had a difficult time in co-existing with Chris Paul on the court? Coach Doc Rivers is one of the best coaches in the NBA and if anyone can straighten this situation out, it would be him.

This team is a team that’s loaded with talent, but I question their consistency and I think that they’re a bit overrated. When you see a San Antonio team travel to Los Angeles last season to face the Clippers on their home court and Tony Parker outclasses Chris Paul, it’s clear that this team is overrated. Nonetheless, this is a team that can beat up on most of the teams in the NBA.

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CP3’s Team

No disrespect to Chris Paul because he is one of the top 3 point guards in the game. Occasionally his offensive game is a bit inconsistent and Blake Griffin has lost his identity on this team since Paul has come upon the scene. When Paul “is feeling it” there’s no better point guard in the game, but in a 82 game grind, it’s impossible to “feel it” every single game.

One player that will improve this season is sharpshooter J.J. Redick. When Dwight Howard left Orlando, Redick became a much better player with more touches. With CP3 feeding him the ball on a game in game out basis, Redick should have the best season of his career and improve this team’s chances in the playoffs. Aside from Jamal Crawford, this team has lacked a pure shooter and J.J. Redick is the answer. Redick averaged slightly over 2- 3pointers per game last season and that number will increase this season.

Another addition to the Clippers roster is shooting guard Jared Dudley. Dudley played for a sub-par Phoenix Suns team last year and will need to step it up on a much better team. He’s a low end starter that serviceable, but needs to improve in order to remain in the Clippers starting lineup.

Great Depth

This is definitely a great strength of the Clippers; if one star is having a poor game, there’s always someone to carry the weight and pick up the slack. The Clippers feature viable options such as Jamal Crawford, Antawn Jamison, the speedster and streaky Matt Barnes, Byron Mullens, and Darren Collison.

Rookie, Reggie Bullock, is an “x-factor”, but he has a great pedigree, being coached by Roy Williams and playing with the North Carolina Tarheels. Bullock is a wait and see proposition.

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Don’t let my criticisms fool you; this will be a team that goes far into the playoffs. Just Coach Rivers mere presence on the bench will add a few victories to the Clippers win total, but until Blake Griffin gets more confident, Chris Paul gets more consistent, and the Clippers pick up a bonafide center, this team won’t be winning an NBA Championship any time soon.

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