NBA Picks: Lakers vs. Spurs Series Odds Preview

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, April 18, 2013 8:18 PM UTC

Thursday, Apr. 18, 2013 8:18 PM UTC

In what is the most anticipated seven versus two matchup in my recent NBA Playoff memories, the Lakers made it in the playoffs and now have to face the mighty but fragile Spurs in the first round.


NBA Playoff Series Odds: Lakers vs. Spurs

There are more storylines than I can count in this series, so let’s go over some of them and take a look at which team has the best value in the series NBA Odds.

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Image previewFor Lakers fans, this has been a cruel season, but an unexpected run through the playoffs without Kobe Bryant might be just enough to put a ray of hope in Laker land, a place that doesn’t really need a lot rays most of the time. The Spurs are a bit banged up but they are still as dangerous and ever, and the books apparently think they have what it takes to dominate this series, however a lot of analysts on the TV machine sure think the Spurs are outmatched in some areas. It should be nice theater to say the least.


As I have been saying for the last month, it’s all about health for this team, and for the time being, it appears they have most of their roster in tact. Hey! They also dusted off ole Tracy McGrady from the closest and signed him for the playoffs. I have no idea what that has to do with anything, but it sure adds curiosity to an already peculiar series. As long as the Spurs’ big three stay in one piece, I like them to win the series.


I’m no Lakers fan, but you best believe I think they have a shot in this series. They are enormous underdogs for your NBA betting in this series, but they have the size to matchup with the Spurs. Unfortunately without Bryant, I think what could have been a series win is just going to lead to maybe one or two single wins and then an elimination for the Lakers.

The Odds

San Antonio comes in as a huge -2000 favorite to win this series as the Lakers come in at 12/1 at +1200. Game 1 of this series tips off as a Sunday matinee, and the Spurs are -8 favorites in that one with a total of 193.

The Sharp Pick

I think the Lakers at +1200 is where a lot of the public goes with their money in this one, but I am lying off the series price. I do see some value in the Spurs though for Game 1 on the spread. I think -8 is undervaluing them just a bit. The public will be on the Lakers, but I think they are going to be educated really fast come Sunday.

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