NBA Picks & Futures Odds Update Entering Elite 8: Four Locks to Advance

Jordan Sharp

Monday, May 4, 2015 1:43 PM UTC

Monday, May. 4, 2015 1:43 PM UTC

The first round of the NBA Playoffs is over and after some epic series, we enter the Elite Eight phase of the playoffs. There are only a few teams that have a shot at winning the NBA Title according to the NBA Odds, and I am here to break down those four teams and their chances. 

Golden State Warriors (-140)
The Warriors have yet to lose in the playoffs, and Bovada sportsbook has taken notice. Right now the Warriors are at -140 to win the NBA Title, which is massively overvaluing them as I see it. This team is not the Heat of the last few years, who had similar NBA odds to win a championship around this time. This team has no experience past this round, and things are going to get tougher for them. Even though they dispatched the Pelicans with ease, and eve though they won against Memphis in Game 1, if Mike Conley is able to come back, the Warriors could be in trouble if their three-pointers stop falling for a game or two. That’s just a lot to lay in a futures odds wager when we’re only in the second round. Fade this price with your NBA picks. The Rockets or Clippers and whomever makes it out of the East could still beat them.


Cleveland Cavaliers (+350)
The Cavs’ championship aspirations are far from dead, but they took a big blow in the first round of the playoffs after losing Kevin Love. Now without him, and up against a steadily improving Bulls team, this could be it for the Cavs unless we get another vintage Lebron James performance. Their price at Bovada isn’t bad, but considering their injury and suspension situation, it’s not a great value either. While I won’t be surprised if the Cavs dominate this series to move onto the East Finals, I won’t be surprised if they lose in six games either. That’s where you’re at with the Cavs at this point in the playoffs, and I’m not sure if their future odds are lucrative enough to take the chance.


Chicago Bulls (+900)
After the drop-off from the Warriors and the Cavs, there is another drop-off in the future odds before you get to the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls have about as good of a chance as any to beat the Cavs right now considering their injuries, but the Bulls will need to stay healthy throughout the series to have a shot too, and as we’ve seen with Chicago, that’s a big if. However if the Bulls go at this smartly, they can beat the Cavs, and then this +900 seems like a much better wager. If they can stop everyone else not named Lebron they will have a really good chance at winning this series, but their defense will have to be top notch, and Tom Thibodeau will have to actually out-coach David Blatt/Lebron.


Houston Rockets (+900)
Houston should probably be ranked above the Bulls at this point, however the +900 might be a welcome site for Houston fans. They have had much more time to rest and recover from their first round series, and they matchup well against the Clippers. If they can get past the Clippers, this +900 would be a great value, much like the Bulls at the same price. However unfortunately for the Rockets, getting past the Clippers would still mean they would likely have to play the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. That is another tall order, but an attainable one for this constantly undervalued team.

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