NBA Picks Chicago Bulls Over 55.5 Wins for 2014-15 NBA Season

Sunday, October 12, 2014 5:46 PM UTC

Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 5:46 PM UTC

We look at the Chicago Bulls Future win total for the 2014-2015 NBA Season and 55.5 wins seem's a bit steep. WIth Derrick Rose coming back from a major injury and new players that need to learn to gel with the team, does the over seem possible? Watch as we preview the Bulls and provide our NBA pick.

Will Derrick Rose Be the Same Player that Won an NBA MVP Award?
Derrick Rose is a spectacular talent, but with that said, even at his peak, he couldn't get the Bulls past Miami. This is a player that can get other players involved with his precision-like passing, is a good rebounder for his size, can knock down the crucial free throw, and can penetrate to the basket when the Bulls are in need of a desperate hoop. You're going to see the same numbers from Rose and his assist total should be higher with new acquisition Pau Gasol and Doug McDermott, who will demand the ball.

With players like Mike Dunleavy Jr, Pau Gasol, and Derrick Rose on the team, this is a very unselfish team that will find the open man. Now, they just need to develop a chemistry that will propel them over the powerhouse Cleveland Cavaliers and they might be able to win an NBA Title within the next few years.


Pau Gasol
Gasol has nothing to prove, other than winning a championship without Kobe Bryant. This was a player that won 2 championships in his first 3 season with the Los Angeles Lakers. There's no question about his playing ability and great size, my only question would be his shelf life. Gasol is getting older and if the Bulls are expecting to win the NBA Title this season, that might be a tall task. However, Gasol's championship experience will be a great help to a fairly young, but talented basketball team. Numbers aren't going to be his key focal point. Making this team a winning team and playing his role will be the goal. Look for a drop in numbers, but Gasol will be a key figure on this team.


The Perfect Fit
Sometimes rookies pan out and become superstars and other times they become major disappointments. The Bulls nabbed the Big East Player of the Year in Doug McDermott and I think that he's the perfect fit on a team of unselfish players. We have to remember that Derrick Rose isn't a pure 3-point shooter, but McDermott's game revolves around scoring and the outside shot. At 6 foot 8, 225 pounds, that's an added bonus. Doug McDermott will either be a major hit or miss, but I'm definitely leaning towards hit and the United Center should be his home court for at leas the next decade.


The Man In the Middle
Joakim Noah is proving to be a hot commodity in this league. There were even talks of him being league MVP last year and this is a player that doesn't always provide double figure scoring. Noah has been a winner everywhere he's been. He won National Championships with Billy Donovan at the University of Florida and has been nothing but a team leader in Chicago. If a player wants to fit in on this team, they need to adjust to Noah as he's established an unorthodox type of enthusiasm that has worked well in Chicago,

Noah is a player with a very long wing span that can rebound, block shots, pass the ball ,and score points. He's an on the court energizer that's hitting his prime and he'll make sure that Gasol and McDermott gel with this team because he's the definition of unselfish. All he wants to do is win ball games and he could put Chicago over the top in the post-season if things fall right.


What To Expect?
When chosing your NBA picks, expect this team to play better in the post-season as opposed to the regular season because it will take time for them to gel. Make no mistake about it; this is a championship contender, but all is contingent upon the health of superstar Derrick Rose.

NBA Picks: Over 55.5 wins

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