NBA Picks: Betting Props Heat vs. Pacers Game 3

Joe Catalano

Saturday, May 24, 2014 2:07 PM UTC

Saturday, May. 24, 2014 2:07 PM UTC

Now that the Miami Heat have gotten control back of the Eastern Conference Finals, let’s take a look at some of the betting props for Game 3 against the Indiana Pacers to see which ones we can cash in on.

Most Point Scored By: West vs. Wade
David West +4 Points
Dwayne Wade -4 Points
This should be an easy bet in which we side with Dwayne Wade. However, Chris Bosh was disappointing in Game 2 and when he plays well, Wade sometimes takes a back seat.

Speaking of seats, this game could possibly get out of control in Miami’s favor, and Wade could take an early seat to rest. With all of that said, Dwayne Wade was outstanding in Game 2, while David West was inefficient. Take Wade.

Free NBA Pick: Dwayne Wade -4 Points

Total Assists + Rebounds For: Lance Stephenson
'Over' 12 -115
'Under' 12 -115
This is one prop that I find to be a “slam dunk” in favorite of the 'over.' Stephenson isn’t a pure scorer; he’s an intangibles man who’s capable of tossing out a triple-double at any time. Don’t hesitate to take the 'over' here.

Free NBA Pick: 'Over' 12 -115


Total 3-Pointers Made By: Lebron James
'Over' 1.5 -125
'Under' 1.5 -105
The playoffs are when Lebron James separates himself from every other player, and although he’s not the best outside shooter in the game, his outside game has greatly improved.

Free NBA Pick: 'Over' 1.5 -125


Most Points and Rebounds By: Roy Hibbert vs. Chris Bosh
Roy Hibbert -2.5
Chris Bosh +2.5
This is a somewhat embarrassing prop for Bosh, who is a soft player, but a much better overall player than Hibbert and with a more polished offensive game. Look for Bosh to bounce back after a poor game 2. Where Hibbert is concerned, you don’t know what you’ll get.

Free NBA Pick: Chris Bosh +2.5


Total Point Scored By: Lance Stephenson
'Over' 14 -120
'Under' 14 -110
While I think that Stephenson is an intangibles man, I expect the Heat to give him trouble in game 3. Stephenson is an important part of the Pacers offense, but that doesn’t necessarily meaning scoring 30 points.

Free NBA Pick: 'Under' 14 -110


Total Rebound and Assists: For Paul George
Over 11 -115
Under 11 -115
We must remember the concussion that George endured and he’s coming off of a really awful game. That said, he was still able to produce 6 assists and 5 rebounds. Look for Paul George to take the lead in this game for Indiana; the scoring lead. Take the 'under.'

Free NBA Pick:  'Under' 11 -115


Total Points Scored By: Ray Allen
'Over' 10 -115
'Under' 10 -115
Allen only managed 3 points on 1 of 5 shooting in 24 minutes in game 2. I could see Allen scoring over 10 points if this game gets away from Indiana, allowing him more minutes. Make this a small bet, and take the 'over.'

Free NBA Pick: 'Over' 10 -115

Willl the Pacers bounce back? It’s highly unlikely, but we shall see. Enjoy the game with your free NBA picks.


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