NBA Picks: Bet Heat +1.5 vs. Spurs in Game 4

Joe Catalano

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 1:57 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 12, 2013 1:57 PM UTC

After a crushing 113-77 loss to the San Antonio Spurs behind the sizzling shooting of Danny Green, the Miami Heat realize that they have to win one of the next two games.

In this 2-3-2 format to take the series back to South Beach or it’s over.

Tip-off for game 4 is set for Thursday, 9:00 pm ET at the AT&T Center in San Antonio Texas and can be seen on ABC TV.

Very Little Respect

The more that the Spurs destroy the Heat, the less of a betting favorite that they become. San Antonio is just a 1.5 point betting odds favorite according to Bet 365 and the total for the game is 187.

The reason for this is simple. Odds makers are looking for perspective bettors to take the Heat because this is the biggest game in the series that can make or break the Heat barring a miracle. If Miami wins, the series is knotted up at 2-2 and the Heat are assured of a trip back to South Beach, if they lose, the Spurs lead 3-1 and can close this baby out at home.

Nothing Could Stop the Spurs in Game 3

Even though Miami isn’t playing like a championship team, the San Antonio Spurs were simply unstoppable in game 3.

When Danny Green is 7 for 9 from 3 point range for 27 points and Gary Neal is 6 for 10 from beyond the arc as part of his 24 points, what can an opposing team do? This isn’t going to happen every game and if a bettor thinks that it will, they’re sadly mistaken. Rest assured that game 4 will be a competitive game; Miami needs this game in the worst way.

Miami’s defense needs to tighten up; they’ve gotten lazy. I witnessed a behind the back pass by Ray Allen to Lebron James to put the Heat on a mini-run and get them back in the game in the 3rd quarter, but the defense didn’t get back and Tiago Splitter went in for the slam dunk. This can’t happen from a championship team.

Confidence is Key

Currently, Miami has very little confidence and San Antonio is on top of the world. The Heat can blame Erik Spoelstra for this and not knowing when to throw in the red flag.Spoelstra continued to keep the Heat starters in the game as they were getting crushed and had no chance to win.

Even Lebron James looked lost on the court as his 7 for 21 shooting can attest to. Lebron James needs a breakout game. He’s yet to hit the 20 point mark and that’s simply not his game. I look for LBJ to take control in game 4 or his team will be in big trouble.

Coach Gregg Popovich has the edge in experience and is simply the better coach. He knows when to lead and knows when to sit his players and not cause further damage. Popovich is hated by fantasy league players and the NBA commissioner because he tries to rest his aging stars as often as possible.

Game 3 was a best case scenario for the Spurs. They had their role players do most of the work.

“The Big 3 Must Be the Big 3”

Mario Chalmers 0 point effort in game 3 offset his previous standout performance in game 2, he’s clearly not the answer in terms of consistency. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh must have big games. Both players have fallen off the map and given LBJ little support.

Lebron James must also look to score. He can’t have 4 points in the 1st half and expect to win!!! This player is so good that he should have 20 plus points at half time. He’s simply not taking leadership and if he sits back, it will cost him this series.


“All Hail to the King”

I’m a big believer in Lebron James and Miami could still take this series back to South Beach even if they lose game 4 - though, this won’t happen. Look for Green and Neal to come back to earth and for Lebron James to use his 6 foot 8, 260 pound frame to force feed a win, driving to the hoop and drawing fouls often. Look for the James and the Heat to win by any means necessary for your NBA picks tonight.

Pick- Miami +1.5 at Bet 365

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