NBA Picks: 3 Reasons the Cavaliers Will Click By the Playoffs

David Lawrence

Friday, October 17, 2014 3:03 PM UTC

Friday, Oct. 17, 2014 3:03 PM UTC

The Cleveland Cavaliers are loaded but the question everyone wants to know is whether or not they’ll click as a team. Will it happen right away? Will it happen as the season transpires? Are they worth a look at -125 on the NBA odds to win the East? Here are three reasons why they will click and win the East

1. LeBron James Likes To Get Teammates Involved
This is the cornerstone upon which the Cavaliers’ success will be built by the time the team arrives at the playoffs. Players don’t just like to play with LeBron James because they think they’re likely to play for and win championships, though that’s the main reason they like to play with him. The second reason (almost as important as the first) why NBA professionals want to be around LeBron is that they know they’re going to get better shots as a result of being on his team. LeBron is obviously a well-rounded scorer who can hit threes, go to the basket, shoot the 17-foot fadeaway jumper, get to the foul line, and finish at the rim. However, for all that LeBron does individually, he’s a great facilitator of an offense. He looks to pass the ball and takes over only when he sees that all other avenues have been shut off by a defense. LeBron has continued to be the kind of player, even in Miami (not just in Cleveland), who would kick out to a teammate for a game-winning three instead of going to the rack for a tying two. Other Cleveland players will benefit from LeBron’s passing.


2. Kevin Love Is An Excellent Passer
The passing of LeBron James will really help the Cavs, but with LeBron, the biggest asset isn’t necessarily the passing itself (though it’s really good), but King James’ mentality. The fact that LeBron likes to pass is what really sets up his teammates so well. With Kevin Love, a desire to pass the ball might not be as established, but when he needs to, Love is able to pass the ball with great skill. He can do this extremely well at all spots on the floor, but his specialty is the full-court two-handed chest pass after snapping down a rebound. Love’s outlet passes are going to spark Cleveland’s fast break. They’re going to make the Cavaliers an even better running team than the Miami Heat were in the open court. Because the Cavs will be able to run so well, opposing teams are going to realize that any live-ball turnover (a steal or anything the Cavs can immediately run with, as opposed to a ball which goes out of bounds) will turn into a bucket the other way. This will propel the Cavs in 2015.


3. Kyrie Irving Won’t Have To Do It All By Himself
The past few seasons, Kyrie Irving has had to be the man for the Cavs. He’s had to be the scorer. He’s had to be the guy with the ball in his hands at the end of a game. He’s had to do entirely too much just to ensure that the Cavs could approach 30 victories. Irving’s defense is a liability, but he can work with that this season. He’s going to have so much less pressure in terms of having to produce offense by himself. He now has LeBron and Love to not only score, but pass the ball. Irving can be one part of a larger effort, and he should flourish as a result. Cleveland might not play much defense, but it will be just about unstoppable on offense. With this kind of offense, the Cavs and Irving won’t have to play that much defense. Just a little bit of defense will put this team over the top in the Eastern Conference playoffs. That’s another reason why they’re the best choice for your NBA picks.

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